Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool Stuff: Marvel Stuff!

Still have a few more of those TPBs and the like to finish up, but I think we may get into some other cool Marvel stuff today!

But we'll be starting with some of the Spidey Pocket Books! Check out more when you click

A few more of the Spidey books here...

And three more books on the list of books I need to find some day...

Here's two Star Trek Marvel Illustrated Books... I believe I have the one on the right...

Three of Marvel's Star Wars paperbacks... the first one, obviously, being one of the multiple repackagings of the first six issues! The third one, which I have a copy of, apparently was the first printing of those stories in the USA, so I suspect they were originally published in the UK, but prepared in the US!

And here's Marvel's repackaging of their adaptation of the last two of the original trilogy!

As many times as I've seen references to this book, I swear, I still don't know if I want it or not.

Another of the Fireside books here, if I'm not mistaken!

Really got to get my hands on the Lee-Kirby Surfer graphic novel one of these days...

Here's the Lancer Thor paperback!

An X-Men trade paperback I wasn't aware existed, and I think that wraps up the TPB parade!

And here's... wait a minute, that's the last Marvel-related item I have after all the TPBs? Oh, okay... well, here you have yer basic woodburning kit, which someone thought was a great idea to package up as a toy for kids. I'd imagine that there are no woodburning craft kits being sold these days!

Next time around... the Marvel stuff is done, the next bunch will start off looking like a mixed bag, but it will be dominated by Planet of the Apes stuff, just in time for my birthday month!


  1. Jon,
    Re: Amazing Spider-Man, Pocket Book #81443
    It appears the yellow layer is missing from the right 1/3 of that scan. Does the original look like that, or is there a problem with the scan? (See for comparison.)

    Re: The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book

    See also
    (I don't see any mention of Medusa's hair-strengthening?)

    Re: The Mighty Thor Collector's Album, Lancer 72-125
    "He SWINGS! Most daring of the new, groovy..."SUPER HEROES WITH SUPER PROBLEMS" -- The New York Herald Tribune

    Perhaps not the best choice for their cover blurb?

    1. Probably a problem with the scan, as you suggested!


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