Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Dog of the Geek - Fangface

fangfaceBreed: Werewolf

Original Appearances: Fangface cartoon series, Ruby-Spears/ABC 1978.

Other Appearances: The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show, ABC 1979; Fangface (reruns) 1981; Fangface board game, two story books, View-Master set, LP, Halloween costume, and plush toy, as well as probably other merchandise.

Biography: Sherman “Fangs” Fangsworth suffered from a Fangsworth family curse, which states that every 400 years, a baby werewolf is born into the family. Sherman teamed with three teenagers, Kim, Biff and Puggsy, traveling around in their convertible Wolf-Buggy to catch crooks and solve crimes involving monsters and evil masterminds. Neither Sherman or Fangface are aware of the other. When Fangface sees food or hears a food word, he tries to eat Puggsy; only when Kim or Biff rub his foot will Fangface calm down and release Puggsy. Sherman's transformations can be effected even by looking at a photo of a full moon! Only the sun (or a picture of the sun) will reverse the transformation.

Powers: Fangface has greater than human strength and durability.

Group Affiliation: Unnamed crimefighting group.

Miscellaneous: The second season of Fangface episodes introduced Baby Fangs, Fangface's infant cousin who turns into the werewolf Fangpuss, which seems to contradict the family legend.

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