Saturday, October 02, 2010

Spooky, Scary This 'n That Time! (Well, not that spooky or scary)

Gotta keep a theme going, y'know! Here's a bunch of shorter items to browse over:

ITEM! As some of you were probably expecting, I'm currently going to classes for fall quarter, as I get into my second year of college to become a Medical Assistant (which is why I got a bit further behind than usual in catching up on comments). Now that I've got a handle on the classes and the workload, I can definitely say I'm not stressing out as much as I was the first few weeks of spring quarter! All but one of the classes I have are medical-related (the odd one out being a math class), and it's definitely getting more interesting! Financial aid this quarter was very generous, giving me some much-needed breathing room.

ITEM! Any of you who are planning to attend the Portland Comic Book show on November 21st, keep an eye out for me, will you? I'll at least be there for two hours or so, probably around the first couple of hours of the show. I'll at least have my son Tristan in tow with me, and possibly my brother Jeff, too. I'll be looking for some fun cheap comics, and of course some blog fodder, when I'm not saying hi to some of the dealers and guests I only get to see at these things. Since this'll be my first comic show in a LONG time, I'm really looking forward to it! It's also looking very good for me to go at least one day of the next Emerald City Comic-Con!

ITEM! You already know about the Countdown to Halloween already in progress... and you know I do sort of a Countdown to Christmas in December (I have no plans for doing any kind of Thanksgiving-related countdown ever, by the way)... well, I can tell you now that there will be a special 14-day-long feature in February for Valentine's Day! More details on that as it gets closer.

ITEM! The Give-A-Show blog is still on hiatus... what am I waiting for in order to take it out of hiatus again? Well, there's one set that I've not been able to acquire so far, from the early 1970s, which I believe has Josie and the Pussycats on the box. I do have some additional Screen-A-Show cartridges that I'll be doing, too... and some adaptations from View-Master discs... but I want to make sure I'll have some actual Give-A-Show videos before I get to some of the related stuff. I also have a few extra Talking Show Projector sets that I need to work on, but those come with records that I'll need to convert to MP3 first. I've been trying to decide if I'll mail them off to a contact of mine on the East Coast who's ripped records for me in the past, or if I should find someone closer to home who can do it, or if I should just try to find a cheap used record player and figure out a way to do it myself (worse comes to worst, I can always just play the record player and record it to MP3 using the built-in mike on my computer). I keep checking eBay regularly, but the one set I need to complete the 1970s hasn't been showing up!

ITEM! For those of you interested in such things, as I write this, I've been working on future postings for this blog to run in January... some of my other blogs have already got posts prepared into 2012, if you can believe that! Some days, I think if I'm still blogging away when I die, none of my readers will realize something's wrong for months, if not longer!

ITEM! Speaking of future postings -- and this will sound weird, I know -- but I'm already running out of willing participants to be highlighted in the upcoming "Way of the Geek" feature that begins in November! The main focus of "The Way of the Geek" is to interview my fellow geek bloggers (or other geeks who are active in some way in their geekery) to find out more about them. I figured I'd at least manage to get a year's worth of features (52 features, at the rate of one per week), but it's getting difficult to get some people who've promised to respond to get around to it. So, consider this to be a double-plea... first, if you'd be interested in being interviewed for a future "Way of the Geek," please let me know via an email to me at waffyjon at comcast dot net (and tell me just a bit about yourself and why you think you might be an interesting interview... just having a geek blog is good enough for me, you know)... second, in the event that I just plain can't get new interviews going on, I'll need to replace that feature, so if any of you have an idea for a new weekly feature I could do (something that does relate to the stuff I've been posting), feel free to make a suggestion!

That's it for now!


  1. it might sound bloody stupid, but the best results i get for ripping LPs to mp3, is to record the LP to cassette tape, and then use a nice old walkman of mine and hook up the headphone-to-mic on PC, recording in sterio with a cable from a PC speaker.

    While i would think some of the quailty is lost by recording from LP to Cassette, it works the best cause LP straight to PC created problems with bad audio, and using the Sterio's Speaker outs don't work well at all..

    anyway.. this works well for me ^_^ and an aunt of mine paid x amount for one of these fancy LP to PC devices and i do a just as good (sometimes better) job with a a simple way ^_^

  2. Well, since I don't have a cassette recorder, either, that lets that option out... then again, I still don't have a turntable, either!


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