Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This and That Time Once Again!

Let's see, I know I've got a few things to share with you guys... after the jump!

ITEM! The Give-A-Show Blog may be coming out of hiatus before too much longer (relatively speaking, anyway)... there's been one set that's been evading me for way too long, but I was recently contacted by a collector who has the set I've been missing, and he's offered to send me scans to use for the blog! Plus, I've got a few related items I've been putting off preparing for way too long. Speaking of which... any of you guys stateside have the ability to rip 45 rpm records to MP3 format? I've got two for the Talking Show Projector I need to rip somehow...

ITEM! Just last night, I finished preparing advance posts for the Random Acts of Geekery through the end of January 2011! I wish I could tell you about all the cool stuff that'll be coming your way between now and then, but I've got to keep mum so I don't spoil the surprises! Next on my blogging agenda is to get another month or so ahead on the Comic Reading Library!

ITEM! Last week's Frightful Frankenstein Friday seems to have been a grand success, and it looks like my hits went up during that time! Hopefully some of you reading this were introduced to the Random Acts of Geekery during that event, and will stick around and see what other madness I'm putting out there every day!

ITEM! Anyone else out there enjoying the new Avengers cartoon on Disney XD? Some of the villains were redesigned to the point where I couldn't recognize them at first, but you know what? I don't mind some redesigning, especially if it means we're going to get a full-blown Avengers cartoon out there! This is way above and beyond that last attempt at an Avengers series, if you ask me!

ITEM! Speaking of superhero animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold continues to kick major butt! I absolutely love the Easter Eggs planted in pretty much every episode -- did anyone else catch the appearance of Silkie from the Teen Titans animated series during the teaser for the Doom Patrol episode? There's cool stuff like that all over the place!

ITEM! I should also mention that I think this has been Smallville's best season yet... we've finally seen Clark do a tiny bit of flying (floating above the ground while dancing with Lois), and we're getting all kinds of great stuff packed in there! My only complaint is the decided lack of Chloe Sullivan this season... Chloe's been my favorite character on the show since it started, and she is missed!

ITEM! Anybody need a Batman costume based on "Dark Knight"? You know, the movie? In a size extra-large? I made the mistake of buying one last week for a Halloween get-together, forgetting that the one-piece body suits they produce for Halloween are NOT designed for someone well over six feet tall! If you're stateside and interested, shoot me an email at waffyjon at comcast dot net and we can talk terms, okay? Why didn't I pull my Superman costume out of storage? Well, it needs some repairs (like having the insignias reattached, plus replacing the belt), and I've put on a bit of weight since the last time I wore it. Next year, the Knutson family will start Halloween preparations earlier, and we'll go as characters from Harry Potter -- anyone want to guess who I'll be disguised as?

ITEM! School is going fine, so long as I don't let the ridiculous math class get the best of me! The only stuff that's been covered in this class that has any real-world applications for me is stuff I already knew... I won't get into detail about some of the ludicrous stuff I've been having to figure out! The Medical classes are going much better, and I'm learning quite a bit!

ITEM! Just a reminder, I'm planning on going to the Portland Comic Book show on November 21st! I'll have my brother Jeff and my son Tristan with me, and I hope any of the Random Acts readers who are going to be there too will keep an eye out for us! I'll probably be sitting crosslegged on the floor going through bargain boxes looking for cheap bronze and silver age books, and wondering what the heck happened to quarter boxes!

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