Friday, October 01, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Countdown to Halloween!

Hopefully I've got this figured out so those of you checking out the Random Acts of Geekery on October 1 will see this as the first post! Anyway...

Welcome to the 2010 Countdown to Halloween at the Random Acts of Geekery! As has been the case for the past several years, I'm joining with an ever-growing list of bloggers who are committed to posting Halloween-related stuff throughout the month of October! You should find a link to the blog somewhere on the left, and you can go directly to the entry with the participating blogs right here!

Those of you who've been around for the past few years have some idea as to what you can expect to find this time around, but I've added some twists to things this year, just to keep it fresh! Here's some of the Halloween-themed features you'll be seeing here, at least one of them each day (as well as the regular geekery, mind you):

Dog of the Geek: This regular feature will be all werewolves and wolfmen this month, as you'll see when you scroll down!

Movie of the Week: This regular Saturday feature should, as is typical, feature monster movies more often than not!

Monster Cards: Last year, I ended up not posting all the monster cards I'd collected photos of, so I'll be looking to finish those off this time around, but there's a twist to that, too, namely...

Horror-Be Humor Monster Cards: This is the set of cards that I designed and created, and all summer long, you've had a chance to try to out-funny me on those! I'll be posting the final versions of these sometime during the month!

Monster Mondays: My regular Monster Monday feature will, of course, continue through the month, although there won't be a bonus "Monster Mondays on Friday" this year, because I've got so much other Halloween themed stuff this time around!

Original Comic Art: As was the case last year, this month, the original comic art is going to all be from horror and monster comics!

Retro-Reviews: This month's Retro-Review of an old comic (in serialized form, probably) will feature a horror title!

Monster Magazines on Wednesdays: Starting this month, instead of posting one article each week from a selected monster magazine or book, I'll be posting the entirety of the mag or book each Wednesday! Yes, you read that right!

Random Videos of Geekery: Most, if not all of this month's Random Videos of Geekery will be Halloween-themed!

I think that should pretty much cover it! But for those of you who don't come here for the monster coolness, there'll still be the regular Random Acts of Geekery features...

Give-A-Show Fridays: Yes, the video repostings from the Give-A-Show Blog will continue here every Friday, and it's going to be Bionic Videos for quite a while, starting with the Kenner Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman sets, and then going on to the Chad Valley stuff from the UK!

By the 10s: Yes, I haven't featured all the By the 10's yet! Just what obscure comics will I be featuring this month? Wait and see!

Puzzle Sunday: This feature is not going away, ever!

Cool Stuff: Same goes for this! All the memorabilia featuring comics characters, Star Trek, and so forth will still be coming your way!

Comics Ads: Yes, the comic book advertisements are finally returning to the Random Acts of Geekery, after being absent for several years! I'll have a few things to say about these as I post 'em!

Children's Book Theatre: More stuff from my collection of genre-related kids books will continue to come your way!

So anyway, I hope that all of these features will be enjoyed by most of you, if not all of you... and have a happy Countdown to Halloween!


  1. Can't wait & Happy October to you!

  2. And to you as well, Wings!


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