Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comic Book Advertisements!

Here's today's first ad, for the (as it turned out) one-shot Spirit World that Kirby worked on. One of these days, it'll be appearing here in "Fandom Library," so those of us who haven't read it yet will finally get your chance!

Oh, this was also an October, 1971 cover-dated DC comics ad.

Moving on to the October, 1968 cover-dated Charlton comics, here's a house ad for three of Charlton's numerous horror titles! Of the three, I'd have to say my favorite has always been "The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves," and you can be sure sooner or later, that title (as well as the other two) will start appearing over on the Comics Reading Library blog!

So why was Doctor Graves my favorite? I suppose there's just something appealing to me about a character whose life is devoted to hunting down the supernatural. Gold Key had their Doctor Spektor with his Occult Files, and I loved that book, too. Both were an influence on me when I created my own character, Joshua Judges, who was a monster hunter (at the time, I didn't realize that Charlton also had a Monster Hunters comic book). I suppose in some ways, Kolchak the Night Stalker influenced me there, as well. This was way before X-Files, so that wasn't an influence on me at all. I suppose if I were to ever win the lottery and could afford to start up my own comics company, I'd revive the Joshua Judges concept and use it to headline a horror anthology comic book.

We'll wrap up this installment with another ad from the October 1968 Charltons. Regency Mail Order seems to have been one of those rivals to the Johnson Smith Company, who's much better known for this kind of stuff. Or perhaps it was absorbed into Johnson Smith? A quick bit of Googling reveals that they advertised in Archie and other comics as well. So far as their products being exclusive? I don't buy it... the X-Ray Spex, Joy Buzzer, Trick Baseball, Miniature Spy Camera, Pepper Gum, and Fly In Ice, among other things, were all routinely offered by Johnson Smith as well!

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