Friday, November 12, 2010

Commenting Requirements Have Been Changed

Thanks to the abuse of the anonymous option for leaving comments yesterday, I have had to make a change here. For the time being, nobody will be able to leave anonymous comments.

The vast majority of people who do leave anonymous comments are able to do so without resorting to calling anyone names, and even include their name on their comment... just as I'm sure that the vast majority of this blog's readers are reasonable people.

And sometimes it just takes one unreasonable person to cause a problem.

I'm sorry I had to resort to this option... if there was a way to just set comments so that anonymous comments had to be approved, I'd go with that.


  1. It's a pain but i 100% agree. When people can and do abuse a system, it needs something done because some people are just prats and you can't stop that.. Lucky me.. i remembered i had a Google account as a small way to help cover hosting costs.. ^_^

  2. It's too bad, but a fact of the internet. I don't allow anonymous comments on my blogs either. While I may miss out on a lot of great folks' comments because of it, it only takes one jerk to ruin your day. So I consider it a safe trade-off.

  3. I see that it is quite ok for a REAL blogger to call someone names too. Nice double standard.

  4. Hobgoblin238 (if that is your real name, and I am pretty sure that it isn't)... what is your problem? Nobody was called a name in this post or in the comments...

    Manic Man said "Some people are just prats," which I cannot see anyone logically arguing against.

    Bubbashelby referenced "one jerk," but did not identify who that jerk would be... just as if I said that having one person on the road driving under the speed limit causes a back-up, I'm not identifying the person who was driving below the speed limit.

    I mentioned that "it just takes one unreasonble person to cause a problem." Did I specifically say who?

    None of that was calling names... so I don't know where you're getting that from. Even if anyone referred to the anonymous commenter by a disparaging name... that person's completely anonymous.

    Now, I have no problem with a dissenting view on this blog, so long as people are being civil about it. Heck, go ahead and respond to a post wherein I mention how much I love Jack Kirby's art, and you can go ahead and say that you think his art stinks... if you really feel the need to do so. Just be sure that you back it up with a reasonable argument as to why you have that opinion.

    My interactions with Reis O'Brien (the subject of the post that got that anonymous person so hacked off and caused them to post comments over and over again) have never been any less than delightful and pleasant. I have no reason whatsoever to believe that Reis would be unreasonable towards anyone.

    If someone posts a comment on one of my blogs that seems to me to be there just to try to promote that person's website (and I get a lot of comments like that), it is my choice as the author of this blog (and sole editor) to delete it or not (and I choose to delete). Complaining about what choices I make as to what I consider to be appropriate on my blog is ridiculous.

    I'm not sure why you've gotten so defensive that you felt you had to refer to someone being a "REAL blogger" -- are there fake bloggers out there, and was Mr. Anonymous a fake blogger? How does one define a fake blogger, anyway?

    There is no double standard here... there is MY standard. It's my blog. If you find something offensive, you have the right to say something about it, but I have the right to decide whether or not I will allow that comment on my blog.

    If you want to start up your own blog with whatever standards you feel the rest of the blogging world should be following, go right ahead... I wish you the best of luck with it. If you want to cast asperions on the other bloggers out there, that is your right to do as well... on YOUR blog. You can carry out whatever vendetta you want to on YOUR blog.

    Just don't be dragging it to my blog, okay? And I can promise you, no matter what you might decide you want to say about me on your blog, I won't bother posting comments about it. True, if I find out that you've made libelous comments, I may consider legal actions (as would be my right to do so), but that's the risk you take.

    So, in conclusion, I'd recommend that you just let it go... whether you are the anonymous poster from yesterday or someone else who is just looking for an argument.

  5. Here, here (I don't know if that Term is in the US, but basically, means i agree with what you said and back it up)

    My comment was, as you pretty much said, something no one can work out a good argument for and wasn't really directed at any one person. My own site has had it's fair share of Slammers and stuff, which show not everyone can be nice and civil towards me.. in fact, I've had various personal insults thrown at me from some of my views (for some reason.. mostly when i comment about what's legal and what's not..) and something i felt was the Ultimate insult, i got banned from a place for saying that a new project that (to me) seamed to be going off the rails a bit, might not be the greatest thing in the world.. and the director of the project banned me from the official forum.. nasty.

    Oh, and I think I'm a Fake Blogger! I still can't see where the time 'Blog' replaced 'online diary' or 'Web Log' and on the news feed for my site, I post 'random notes' which are short bits in a blog like style.. but it's not a real blog.. so.. I'm a Fake Blogger ^_^

  6. Jon, I was actually refering to yesterday whereas you pointed out the anonymous blogger was showing rudeness and made an example of it whereas Reis pretty rude in his own right by calling the person a troll etc. and you didn't call him on the carpet for it as you did anonymous. But I agree it's your blog and can do what you want with it.

  7. Hobgoblin - Reis wasn't calling Anonymous a troll as in the mythological creature, but rather a person who makes inflammatory comments or posts inflammatory content in an attempt to get responses.

  8. Well there were other things that were said by him that were rude in themselves don't you agree?

  9. Hobgoblin - Actually, I don't think that what he said was rude, given the circumstances.

    Consider this: The comments were for an article that I had written about Reis. Now, I don't know why Mr. Anonymous decided to go out of their way to comment on the article (which they could have just skipped over if they have such a problem with Reis) and be what I considered rude. And, instead of dropping it, they went on to post comment after comment.

    If you ask me, they were asking for everything that was said about them. For Crom's sake, if you don't care for the subject of an article, then don't read it!

  10. If that is what you live by. I prefer not to return injury to injury.


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