Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dog of the Geek: Dinky Dog!

dinkydogBreed: Sheepdog, or possibly Sheepdog/St. Bernard mix
Original Appearances: The All-New Popeye Hour, September 1978 to September 1981.
Other Appearances: Self-titled syndicated series.
Biography: Two girls, Sandy and Monica, are loving with their uncle Dudley. Sandy bought a cute pup that grew to the size of a horse, and now the girls just find work and ways to repair the damages Dinky causes. Dinky always seems to fix things in unexpected ways.
Powers: Typical abilities that a dog of that size would have!
Group Affiliation: None
Miscellaneous: The cartoon was the first and only show Hanna-Barbera had that was created and produced in Australia. The complete series was released on DVD in Canada only in 2008. I would guess that this was at least partly inspired by the movie “Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World”.

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