Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dog of the Geek: Hot Dog!

hot dogBreed: Sheepdog
Original Appearances: Archie comics, beginning in Pep Comics #224 (December 1968)
Other Appearances: Archie cartoons.
Biography: While in his original appearance, Hot Dog was shown as being Archie's dog, most often he has been shown as the pet of Jughead Jones. Hot Dog is lazy, constantly hungry, and does not like Reggie Mantle one little bit (good taste, eh?). He is the mascot for The Archies, and is seen pretending to conduct the band in the cartoons. Hot Dog tends to fall for Veronica Lodge's pedigreed dogs, and at one time had a sidekick, Chili Dog, with him he would have “battles” with Sabrina the Teenage Witch's cat, Salem Saberhagen.
Powers: Hot Dog's main power seems to be the ability to think like a human, although he does not speak at all.
Group Affiliation: The Archies
Miscellaneous: Lou Scheimer has made the claim that Hot Dog was created for the first Archie cartoon series that Filmation produced, but it appears that he was mistaken. However, an argument could be made that because of the extensive use of Hot Dog in the Archie cartoons, he was used more often in the comics.

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