Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Holy Crap! I'm 48!

Sheesh, now I'm just two years away from the half-century mark. How the heck is it that I'm so old, anyway? It's not as though I feel that old -- I mean, when I check out the people from my high school graduating class on Facebook, it seems to me that most of them have aged much more than I have!

Then again, when I think of all that I've seen in my lifetime... I was born as the Silver Age was well under way, and the Beatles were hitting America for the first time. I've seen man walk on the moon, the Space Shuttle... computers being these massive things you only saw in TV and the movies to the first home computers (Apple IIs, TRS-80s, Vic-20s) that were practically toys to the first real computers that could be used to do real work... I've seen computer-based communications start with the simple text-only dial-up BBS set-ups and go on to faster modems and the early days of the internet to nowadays when most people not only have high-speed internet at home, many have it on their cell phones! Heck, I've seen cell phones appear seemingly out of nowhere as these bulky expensive things and transform over time to small devices that can do an amazing amount of stuff, and are so cheap that almost anyone can have one!

And I've seen the passing of a lot of great people that influenced me greatly in ways they could have never been aware of... too many to list in their entirety, but I'd have to put John Lennon, Jack Kirby, Groucho Marx and Jack Benny right at the top.

I've gone from being a kid wanting to create comic books to spending five years in the navy as a journalist (and being exposed to desktop publishing, from which I'd make my living for over 20 years) but still trying to break into comics (and not succeeding) to being a civilian again working mostly as a word processor with some graphics work, then when I was out of work, meeting my first wife through the internet and moving to Wisconsin to be with her, finding work there that lasted just over five years, living through my first wife dying a month before 9/11, then moving back to Washington State, eventually getting that job at the newspaper (the job I'd really wanted all that time, at least if I couldn't work in comics), meeting my current wife, and getting Krypto, getting married, adopting two wonderful kids, buying a house, and now going back to school for an entirely different career I know I'll love even more than graphic design...

And I've even managed to kind of sort of do some comics-related work through doing transcriptions, first for Twomorrows and then later working with Andy Mangels on DVD special features... and finally getting my first LOC published in a comic book, that being one of the E-Man one-shots (OK, I'd had probably a half dozen or more letters published in the CBG along the way)... and of course, I can't forget starting up this blog and all the spin-offs...

And I feel most of the time as though I'm just really getting started, you know? I still have things I plan to do, such as making it to the San Diego Comic-Con one of these years (I went once when I was in the Navy), making it out to the East Coast and visiting Washington DC and New York City, eventually traveling to the UK... and one of these days, I'll have to start dusting off some of my fiction ideas and finishing them up, and see if I can find a publisher.

48 years? I'm far from finished, my friends... you ain't seen nothing yet!


  1. Happy Birthday! It is a few years of experience under your belt, that's all. Think of it is the beginning!

  2. well.. Happy Birthday, Old man ^_^
    Oh and.. if you never get to visit the UK.. your not missing much.. i've life here all my life and haven't seen much of it, and don't feel like i've missed out on anything..

  3. happy birthday - here's to another 48, at least!

  4. Happy natal anniversary, Jon :)

  5. Keep chasing that dream buddy. As long as you have more dreams in front of you than regrets behind you, it's all good.

  6. Thanks, everyone!


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