Monday, November 01, 2010

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Beginning this month, there's a slight restructuring going on here at the Random Acts of Geekery... in the past, there've been some features that have been occurring on a specific day of the week, and these are:

Monday: Monster Mondays!
Wednesday: Monster Books and Magazines!
Friday: Give-A-Show Fridays!
Saturday: Movie of the Week!
Sunday: Puzzle Sunday!

Well, none of the above are changing, at least not yet (Movie of the Week will be concluding probably in December when I reach the end of that list, upon which point it will be replaced by Geek TV). But these will be joined on the weekly schedule by the following:

Tuesday: Dog of the Geek! Yes, this feature will be moving to weekly status!
Thursday: The Way of the Geek! This new feature will begin this Thursday, and will appear each Thursday afterwards until I manage to run out of geeks to feature!
Friday: Fandom Library! Another new feature debuting here joins Give-A-Show Fridays!
Sunday: Retro-Review! Another feature that's getting a permanent home on the calendar, joining Puzzle Sunday!

The remaining features (Cool Stuff, Original Comic Art, Comics Ads, Children's Book Theatre, By the 10s -- until I run out of titles for that) will continue to appear on a more or less random basis!

That is all! Carry on!


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