Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Book Advertisements!

First up this time around is an ad from the October, 1976 cover-dated Marvels... hard to believe that sports equipment manufacturers advertised in comics, but there you go! The main point of interest here is that the artwork in this ad was by Jack Davis, best known (around here, anyway) for his work at Mad!

From the same month's Marvels comes this ad from Superhero Merchandise! I think I've probably featured every one of these at one time or another in the Cool Stuff postings, but the ads are always interesting to check out. The writing on this ad is particularly good, I think!

We'll close things off with this house ad that appeared in the November 1974 DC books... When I look at ads like this one, where the cover artwork is completely uncolored, I have to think that the main reason for that was to cut down on production costs (can you imagine trying to color eight tiny cover images?), but it definitely works from an attention-getting point of view!

On a barely-related note, you see that DC logo of the era, "The Line of DC Super-Stars"? Kind of interesting story... in my navy days, I had some Damage Control training (ok, it's basically fire-fighting training, but the navy likes to call stuff by different names than the civilian world does). On one of the two ships I served on (forget which one right now), that ship's damage control training used an image of that DC logo on the cover, since damage control tended to be referred to as "DC" on the ships! I always wondered whether or not permission was asked for and given for the use of that DC logo... I suspect not, as there was a definite tendency for Navy ships (especially ones deployed out at sea) to not concern themselves with things like copyright violation. I recall specifically on my first ship that my predecessor as ship's journalist would routinely show movies on the closed-circuit TV station that were expressly forbidden by regulations, such as porno movies and other videotapes that were purchased (and some of those were probably bootleg purchases themselves). Anyway... that's my aside!

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