Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comic Book Advertisements!

We're still looking at ads from the November, 1974 cover-dated DC books, although the ad above has appeared in various forms over quite a long period of time! I'm sure that you're all thinking the same thing I am about the ad: "What the heck is so authentic about this Superman costume?" Let's start from the top and work our way down... first of all, there's that mask. Does Superman have a mask? Noooooooo! Moving down, I won't disparage the fact that the cape is tied on... I can't expect complete accuracy, even for an "authentic" costume... but then there's the short sleeves! I'm pretty sure we all know that Superman did not have short sleeves. If the "s-shield" looks like the one in this ad, then I definitely have issues with that, too, but it could be an artist rendering issue (after all, it is a tricky insignia to draw correctly). The next problem is the trunks... or rather, the lack of same. If we're going to put up with decades of people making jokes about superheroes wearing their underwear on the outside, then dammit, make it accurate on the costumes!

I don't have much of a problem, really, with the boots being represented as just boot tops, expecting kids to wear their own red shoes (although how often did anyone make boys' shoes in red?). I'm not happy with the boots being represented as being completely flat on the top, though... there is a distinctive line to the top of the boots!

This item from the same comics page is just plain silly... but I suppose if a child is so obnoxious that nobody would even "Indian wrestle" with them, this could serve a vital purpose in their life.

I think this ad came from the same page, too... and it's just one of the (what feels like) millions of ads that have been running in comic books for decades promising to teach you martial arts via mail order. Because, you know, if you're going to learn martial arts, there's no point in going to a local instructor and actually training with real people, is there? Obviously, you can learn it through mail order... just like you can learn to swim on the internet!

Just as I don't believe you can learn martial arts via mail order, so don't I believe that anyone ever "made money fast" with this kind of kit where you try to sell your friends and family (and your friends' families) these Social Security plates and metal door plates... well, probably Anchor Specialties did, as did the other companies that sponsored these ads. Those guys made money. The biggest problem with these, of course, is that the only valid Social Security identification is the card that's been issued... copies -- metal or otherwise -- are not valid!

To say nothing of the fact that anyone who actually bought one of these would risk having their SSN available to the company that's making these... nowadays, I can't imagine anyone trying to offer this same "service," because they'd be shut down in a heartbeat with complaints made of identity theft!

Times do change, don't they?

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