Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dog of the Geek: The Barkleys!

Breed: Generic
Original Appearance:
The Barkleys, NBC 1972-1973

Other Appearances: None, unless you count their appearance in a two-page comic book ad promoting the NBC Saturday Morning Lineup.

Biography: The Barkleys, inspired by All in the Family, were father Arnie, a bus driver, his wife Agnes, two teenagers Terry and Roger, and a younger child, Chester.

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: Barkleys family

Miscellaneous: This DePatie-Freling series only had 13 episodes produced.


  1. what's intresting about that Picture is that Agnes (the Mother) had Brown/Ginger hair and i don't know enough about them to know who that third teen is.. Terry is the girl with Blonde hair, Roger is the Guy with Ginger hair and Chester is (of course) the kid.. so how the teen which Blue hair is.. i don't know.. maybe Terry's Boyfriend?

  2. oh and there is a nice picture including them (and pretty on model too) on the April 1973 Cover of US mag 'TV Guide' which can be fone on this Blog:

  3. Thanks, MM... I've never seen the show, so I would have guessed it was the boyfriend.


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