Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Way of the Geek #8: Ross Pearsall!

Ross Pearsall is the creative mind behind the blog “The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues!” where he creates new covers for Batman team-ups in which the Caped Crusader teams up with characters he never teamed up with during that magazine's history, and he doesn't just limit himself to DC characters, either! He's also created covers in which Batman teams with Marvel characters, as well as other publishers' characters. It's great fun! By the time this sees print, Ross plans to have moved on to "lost issues" of Marvel Two-In One!

Ross' answers to my questions were very succinct, making this the shortest “Way of the Geek” feature yet!

Ross was born in Massachusetts, the second youngest of seven children. He is currently single. Ross is mostly into comics (as would be expected), but admits that he also enjoys animation. His geekery began when he was “just a tyke,” reading his older brother's comic books. Unlike his siblings, he stayed with comics as he grew up. Like many comics geeks, Ross created some of his own comic books when he was younger.

Ross managed to hang on to some of the comic books he had as a child; those that were “lost to time” he reacquired as an adult thanks to eBay, which “made it easy,” according to Ross. He keeps his geek possessions in his “man-cave,” as he puts it, including his most prized geek possession, Jim Aparo original art of the first appearance of Batman and the Outsiders.

While he hasn't been attending any conventions regularly lately, Ross does have fond memories of conventions of the past, including one when he was 15, where he met Dick Giordano. He's also met Joe Kubert and had a long conversation with Bob Haney at other conventions. His favorite convention was one held last year in Baltimore, where he met up with some good friends of his.

Ross is probably one of the few comics fans who will admit to enjoying the Earth-2 Robin's “grey” costume, introduced during a Silver Age team-up of the Justice League and Justice Society.

Ross spends about four hours a day working on his mash-up covers for The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues. Friends of his, seeing his covers, suggested that he start up his blog. The only real change he's made was created a Facebook fan page since beginning the blog. He tries to keep his blog streamlined, posting the cover with some memories and occasional original art samples. He said, “It's nice to know people are enjoying it.”

Ross confessed that he doesn't really read any other blogs, and considers doing his blog as the geekiest thing he's done as an adult.

As noted above, Ross has reacquired most of his childhood books through eBay. He also purchases other geek-related items through Amazon. His best advice for people looking to buy on eBay is simply “snipe” – for the uninitiated, this means waiting until the very last second to bid (there are sites out there that can help you do this). Ross does not recommend selling on eBay to anyone, saying that eBay “triple-dips” (I believe he's referring to eBay making money on the posting of the auction, a cut on the final selling price, as well as making a cut off the transfer of funds via PayPal).

Ross' inspirations are the artists he loves, saying that he believes they are underrated. He also said, “Life is too serious, you just have to have fun sometimes!” To his fellow geeks, Ross has this advice: “Never apologize for your hobby.”

Thanks, Ross! I hope everyone reading this will check out The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues.

And for those of you reading this, if you are interested in becoming the feature on “The Way of the Geek,” or know of a geek blogger you would like to see featured here, please contact me at waffyjon at comcast dot net.

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