Sunday, January 02, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This time around, we're looking at some DC house ads from the November, 1974 cover-dated comics!

Ah, the days of DC's 100-Page Super-Spectaculars... although they weren't using that term around this time, were they? The original Super-Specs were 100 pages (including covers, as I recall) and full of reprints for only 50 cents (what a deal, eh?). By this stage, the 100-pagers were being incorporated into the individual titles, with an all-new story in the front of the book, with the rest of the book being reprints. The original Super-Specs had very cool covers... these? Not quite so much.

In some cases, the books actually went to the 100-page format for several issues! The Justice League of America was 100-pagers from issues 110 through 116 (that's issue 114 in this ad). World's Finest was 100-pagers from issues 223 through 228 (that's issue 226's cover on the ad... oddly enough, issue 230 was a "Giant" issue, only two issues after the last 100-pager, and only 68 pages). Batman went to 100 pages with issue 254, with the final one being 261 (with 262 being a 68-page Giant... and that's issue 259 in this ad). Shazam! had a 100-page super-spectacular as issue 8, and then went to the 100-page format from issues 12 through 17 (with issue 15 being the one in the ad). You get the idea!

The next DC house ad from the same month's comics features these two tabloid editions... I'm kind of "eh" on the Ghosts one (although I understand that in the 1970s, the "mystery" books were huge sellers)... the Famous 1st Edition with Batman must've been pretty nice! I love the whole idea of these books... of course, it's hard to find them cheaply these days! Most dealers are asking at least $5 for a good condition copy... and looking on eBay as I write this, I'm completely amazed to see that there are people asking as much as $596.75 for one of these volumes (the Detective Comics #27 reprint)... and there's a few others that are listed at over $100 each, which seems completely outrageous to me! Who's going to spend $600 on a 1970s REPRINT of a comic book, anyway? Especially since at the same time I'm writing this, there's real Detective #27s being offered for $800... then again, there's also a 1984 reprint that Nabisco put out that's being listed for over $600, for that matter... There has to be some kind of mistake on those listings, wouldn't you think?

OK, just to cleanse the palate, if you will, before I close this edition of Comic Book Advertisements, here's an inside front cover ad from the June 1976 Marvel Comics, advertising Monogram's F-16 Fighter Plane model kit! At the time I'm writing this, an unbuilt copy of this model can be had for $35 plus $9 shipping (an outrageous shipping price, if you ask me) on eBay... or as little as $8 with $4 shipping (it pays to check all the listings, doesn't it?).

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