Saturday, January 08, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Time for another trio or so of ads from the comics!
First up is this Superhero Merchandise ad from the June, 1976 cover-dated Marvel books... and what a bunch of goodies we have! Let's start at the top... first there's that Spider-Man motorcycle, which I believe was an AHI item... then there's the web-shooter (that was basically a dart gun, but still cool)... and the Superman/Spider-Man tabloid! All cool stuff, right? Continuing clockwise, there's that Spidey bike horn, which is kind of silly... but next... "Never before offered"??? I may be wrong, but those sure look like Slurpee cups to me! I wonder if they figured they could get away with it because it was the first time they offered them? That price for a complete set of 17 sounds pretty good these days... I'm guessing there was some overstock from 7-Eleven that Superhero Merchandise picked up, eh? Of course, the coolest of all are the Marvel Megos offered here, marred only by the fact that the only villain Marvel Megos were the Green Goblin and the Lizard! But still... pretty cool anyway!

Marvel wasn't the only company to get toy ads just featuring their characters, obviously! The above ad was from the January 1980 cover-dated DC books, and as you can see, it's all Corgi vehicles relating to Superman, although some of them are a bit... well... tenuous, wouldn't you say? I mean, the Daily Planet delivery truck and helicopter are cool (the Planet did have their Flying Newsroom in the Silver Age books, plus a Planet chopper had a role in the first Superman movie), even the Supermobile is kind of cool... and, okay, if that Superman van was real, I would totally want to drive it! But a Metropolis Police Car? I'm pretty certain that (like the van and delivery truck and helicopter) Corgi was already producing a vehicle like that, and it was just a matter of a new set of stickers!

Here's a DC house ad from the same month... sometimes I forget that Adventure Comics was still going on in the early 1980s in normal form before going to the digest size. This ad for issue 467 was the first issue of the title since it switched back from Dollar Comics size (which started with issue 459). Starman and Plastic Man would share Adventure until issue 475, when Aquaman joined them. That trio held onto the book until issue 479, when they were bumped for the revived Dial "H" for Hero, which lasted until issue 490. Issues 491 through 503 were all digest issues reprinting Legion of Superheroes stories.

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