Monday, January 17, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Remember the days when you could order tabloid comics direct from the publishers?
This ad for a Limited Collector's Edition reprinting four Ra's Al Ghul stories was one of them! This ad appeared in the July 1977 cover-dated DC books, so it was probably out in April or maybe early May. This was issue C-51, cover-dated August, so maybe that ad had appeared even earlier than I thought! The reprinted stories were "Daughter of the Demon" from Batman #232, "Bruce Wayne -- Rest in Peace!" from Batman #242, "The Lazarus Pit!" from Batman #243, and "The Demon Lives Again!" from Batman #244. A cover gallery was also included with the original covers.

Another house ad here from the same month's DC books... and miracle of miracles, the issue numbers are listed in the ad! Of course, none of these books lasted very long, unfortunately... Secret Society of Super-Villains had some real potential to it, if you ask me! So did the Freedom Fighters.... speaking of which, this issue was one of those "unofficial crossovers" that has happened here and there, this time with Marvel's Invaders book! In both titles, the hero team encountered another team of heroes who bore a strange resemblance to the other company's team! Only in the 1970s, eh? (Well, there was the unofficial crossover with New Teen Titans and DNAGents, but that was the 1980s)

Our final ad this time is from the April, 1976 cover-dated Marvel comics... and if you ask me, someone should really snap up the rights to re-release all of these things! I mean, look at those stick-ons on the top... great artwork from the Silver and Bronze Age Marvels... I'd certainly plaster a set of these all over my college notebooks! I'd even go for those hang-ups, although I wish they'd done some other Marvel characters -- like, say, Captain America, the Hulk, or the Thing!

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