Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cool Stuff: Yes, More Batman Stuff!

Wow, with all the Batman stuff that turns up when I'm at the beginning of a "Cool Stuff" photo volume, you'd think I'd go ahead and start a separate Batman collectibles blog or something, eh?

First up this time around is this 1966 era Batman pin!

Next up, we've got this Batman "Pix-A-Go-Go" item... now, this isn't the first photo of this product I've ever posted, but it is larger than the last one I did. And I can report that I think I've finally figured out what the heck this is! It's basically an animated story, done only in black-and-white. The lines you see on the photo basically act to hide part of the image... well... hmm... it's kind of difficult to explain that way. Okay, how's this? I believe it uses the same animation technique demonstrated in the below video:

Does that make it any clearer? What's amusing is that the "scanimation" technique used in this book when it came out two years ago was hailed as being so incredible... yet if my hypothesis is correct, this process was being used in a kid's toy over 40 years earlier!

I tell you, kids think they have it great today... but do they have awesome Batman Playskool puzzles like this one anymore?

Batman: The Movie poster!

Batman Poster Pen Set! I used to have this! I don't recall ever finishing coloring one of the posters, though...

Batman Power Shield!

Batman Press-Out Book! While I do have a higher resolution image of this picture, I don't believe it's quite high enough to be worth printing out to do your own papercraft Batmobile, but feel free to disagree...

Batman Print Putty... it's like Silly Putty, but without that trademarked name and a Batman license added!

This awesome Batman and Robin puzzle was, unfortunately, only made in Uruguay!

Original art for a Batman and Robin puzzle in the US! I'm guessing it was one of Golden/Whitman's cardboard frame-tray puzzles.

Remco had quite a business in the late 1960s licensing characters and then just slapping a sticker on something they were already producing... I'm kind of half-amazed they didn't try to market this same helicopter with their Star Trek and Land of the Giants licenses!

Remco did do better with this Batmobile...

batman_remcobatray well as this Bat-Ray, which at least looks like they created something original just for the license!

We had Joker items, Penguin items... now it's Riddler items! Above is one of those Argentina Pepsi figures!

Here's the inevitable Riddler Pepsi glass!

Were you expecting to see this Riddler Music Box? Or was it a nightlight? The same manufacturer did both...

Riddler "Oil can" puzzle!

Now it's Robin's turn! Argentina Pepsi figure above...

It may be accidental, but this patch certainly looks to be in the Super Friends style!

Playskool puzzle!

1967 Kohner push puppet!

Robin Soaky!

Two photos of a Robin Super Jr. squeeze figure!

Robin Watch from Japan!

And to wrap up this installment, check out this Batman Room Decor set! Pretty cool, eh?

Naturally, there's still more Batman stuff to come next time!

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