Thursday, February 03, 2011

By the 10s: Yellowjacket Comics/Cowboy Western/Space Western!

Time for another By the 10s where the book changes titles (and formats)! This one starts out as Yellowjacket Comics for the first 10 issues, then it became Jack-In-The-Box Comics (yes, really) for 6 issues, becoming Cowboy Western with #17! Above is issue 10!

Just about every comics company that did a western title must've used Jesse James, Annie Oakley, and Wild Bill Hickcock! Here's issue 20's cover.

Here's issue 30's cover! As you can see, it cover-features Sunset Carson, whom you can read about in the Wikipedia article.

With issue 40, the book changed titles and formats again, this time to Space Western, a change that would last all of six issues, changing back to Cowboy Western with #46!

Issue 50!

Here's issue 60's cover. The Cowboy Western title ended with #67, becoming Wild Bill Hickock and Jingles.

And here's issue 70! Issue 75 was the end of the run for this multi-titled book.

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