Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Time to look at some more comic book ads! This one is from the June, 1978 cover-dated DC books, and as you can imagine, the reason I decided to scan and share it with you is because of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind trading cards that Wonder Bread was offering at that time. I wonder if any family went through enough bread at one card per loaf to get all 24 cards?

I also wonder who did the artwork for this ad... kind of reminds me of Carmine Infantino's art from that period.

Next, a pair of house ads from that same month's DC books... the first is for Action Comics #484, in which Superman marries Lois Lane! Of course, that wasn't Earth-1's Superman and Lois tying the knot... it was the Earth-2 versions, and probably actually happened (continuity-wise, anyway) some time earlier, since they would've met about 40 years prior, according to the ad!

Also advertised is Batman #300, hailed as "The Last Batman Story." Of course, it wasn't... in fact, I believe it's considered the last of the Batman Imaginary Stories, and was reprinted in DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories Vol. 2, if I'm not mistaken!

Also in the same books, here's two house ads, one for The Amazing World of DC Comics #17, the Shazam! issue (which will be appearing in a future Fandom Library, but it may be a while before I get to it), as well as a subscription offer to the monthly Direct Currents newspaper... something I've never seen any samples of anywhere! Of course, "Direct Currents" has a long history of use at DC... back in the Silver Age, it was DC's equivalent to the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins, providing the listing of currently available DC books, and then it was used as the name of the toll-free telephone hotline that didn't last long, because the circuits got overloaded with all the calls! I believe this newspaper was the third incaration of "Direct Currents," and it was also used in the "Daily Planet" page for a while, too. And then in 1988 or so, DC resurrected the title again for their monthly promotional flyer for comic shops and their subscribers.

Doing a quick Google search, I couldn't find any information about this particular incarnation... anyone out there know anything abou tit?

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