Monday, February 28, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the first ad in this installment is from the February, 1967 cover-dated DC books, eh? These pin-ups are pretty collectible to this day, and were also sold in stores. Below is a better look at some of these posters:
I could've sworn I had photos of these in the retail packaging, but I can't find them now.

I remember seeing this GI Joe ad as a kid, and thinking how cool it must've been... but as an adult, I'm thinking, "How much money did these kids' parents put into that play area, anyway?" I mean, they've got to-scale barbed wire, for chrissakes!

And the final ad for this time around is this lovely back cover ad for Aurora's model kits... imagine only having to pay $.98 to $1.49 for each of those! I'd love to have all of the superheroes kits!

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