Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Hemlock Holmes!

hemlockholmesBreed: White Bulldog

Original Appearances: “The Dick Tracy Show” animated series, UPA 1961-1962

Other Appearances: Hemlock made at least some appearances on licensed toys.

Biography: Hemlock Holmes is a Cockney bulldog with a voice patterned after Cary Grant. He is backed up by his own police squad, the Retouchables, who behave like the Keystone Kops. Hemlock would be called by Dick Tracy whenever his villains were involved in a criminal manner.

Powers: Like the other Dick Tracy characters from the cartoon (Go-Go Gomez, Joe Jitsu, and Heap O'Calorie), Hemlock had the ability to say “Hold everything!” when things got at their worst, and action would completely stop so he could call headquarters or further instructions. After signing off with “Six-two and even, over and out,” the action would resume.

Group Affiliation: Police force of the city they operate in.

Miscellaneous: Hemlock and Heap O'Calorie were the only characters who didn't represent offensive racial stereotypes, which caused the show to be pulled from TV syndication in the mid-'70s and mid-'80s.


  1. John, there's an obvious reason why those two stereotypes are not considered offensive but the others are.

  2. I know that, of course, Yowp! I figured with the names of the other two previously mentioned, it was obvious how they were considered offensive, without needing to go into detail that didn't really fit the "Dog of the Geek" theme! :)


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