Thursday, February 03, 2011

Selling on eBay!

Consider this a commercial posting, if you will... I've got some things up on eBay for sale right now that you faithful readers may be interested in checking out!

Vintage Star Trek Curtain - One of the few geek items from my childhood that's somehow been retained all these years!

Masters of the Universe Hardback Books and Paperback Books - As seen on Children's Book Theatre!

Wonder Woman Giant Comics to Color - This was one of the original printings of the WW coloring book recently seen on Children's Book Theatre!

Batman Birthday Candle - A really cool figural candle!

I've got other cool stuff for sale as well... a set of Marvel Illustrated Books with Star Wars (2 books) and Star Trek (1 book), an old Hardy Boys book, a group of vintage coloring books, some Give-A-Show Projector and related stuff, a Super 8mm movie with selected scenes from Star Wars, and even a couple of View-Master sets! If you want to check them all out, click here! All auctions will be closing next Monday.

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