Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ten of a Kind: Favorite Disneyland Attractions

You may recall that last summer, my family and I visited Disneyland, where I was able to enjoy most of my favorite rides! Unfortunately, two of my favorites no longer exist (one does in modified form), and one was closed when we were there! So, with no further ado... after the jump... my ten favorite Disneyland attractions, with ridealong videos from YouTube!

1.Indiana Jones Adventure

2.Pirates of the Caribbean

3.The Haunted Mansion

4.Nautilus Submarine Ride (retired ride)

5.Space Mountain
First, as you normally experience it...

...and now, a special version with the lights on!

6.The Matterhorn

7.Thunder Mountain Railroad

8.Disneyland Railroad


10.Adventure Through Inner Space (retired ride)

Sadly, a video ride-through of just this ride isn't available...


  1. It's been forty years since I rode Adventure through Inner Space but I've never forgotten it. How I loved that ride! I just kept going back to it again and again. Of course, as a Monsanto-sponsored attraction it was free, so I was able to keep riding it without using up precious tickets. (I also seem to recall it was particularly well air-conditioned -- which worked with the whole snowflake theme, naturally -- further adding to its appeal.)

  2. It was a great ride, and probably just really only needed updating to keep it viable... oh, well, today's kids will never know how cool it was!


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