Friday, March 25, 2011

Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Battle of the Superheroes!

Holy crap, what a great episode! Sadly, it whets my appetite for an entire Superman animated series in the same style! Comments, spoilers galore, and some clips after the jump!

So, here's the plot: After a teaser featuring Batman and Robin battling King Tut while the Dynamic Duo are dressed up like mummies, we get a glimpse at the Superman of the animated B&B world... and it's cool as hell! Now, I thought that the earlier Superman: The Animated Series was great... but this one is straight out of the Silver Age! We get to see Superman battle a few of his classic foes (like Mxyzptlk, Luthor, Toyman, and Metallo), and we also get introduced to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen -- complete with lots of references to classic Silver Age stuff (this ep's full of them).

Oh, did I mention that Krypto the Superdog is in this one, too? Batman shows up just before Luthor tries to make his getaway from looting the meteor display at a museum, and the World's Finest heroes stop Luthor. And since things have been slow in Gotham lately, Batman sticks around to team up with Superman for a bit.

Anyway, mysterious gifts arrive at the Daily Planet for Lois and Jimmy -- a red gem on a necklace for Lois, and a new signal watch for Jimmy. Shortly afterwards, when Superman stops a robbery attempt by the Toyman, the Man of Steel starts acting completely differently! Of course, I figured out when Lois & Jimmy got their gifts, it was Red Kryptonite!

Anyway, Superman basically goes on a super-rampage, taking over Metropolis and demanding that they call him their king! Naturally, Batman doesn't take kindly to this, and tries to talk sense into King Superman, but it doesn't work. A later visit to the Fortress of Solitude reveals something is definitely wrong, and Batman leaves with Krypto to figure out what's happened.

He soon learns that it was Red Kryptonite involved, and with Krypto's help (and a suit of Bat-Armor straight out of The Dark Knight Returns), they try to keep Superman busy long enough for the Red K to wear off!

When it does wear off, Superman realizes that Luthor must be responsible, and the World's Finest heroes head out to Luthor's Lair (which from the outside resembles Mojo Jojo's observatory headquarters from Powerpuff Girls, but inside has the statues of infamous villains from history as decor). Luthor zaps Batman, and then uses his Kryptonite ring on Superman, but unknown to him, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight have changed costumes!

So, all's well in the end... Luthor figured that Superman would've lost the public's trust, but when a parade is thrown in honor of the World's Finest heroes, we realize that the public's not that fickle! The parade is interrupted when Braniac arrives on the scene (complete with Koko!), and the episode ends as the heroes take off to battle the space villain!

There was so much coolness in here, I can't tell you all of it... but here's some things I particularly enjoyed:
1) Perry White saying "Great Caesar's ghost!" and "Don't call me chief!"
2) A glimpse of Giant Turtle Boy Olsen -- and when Mxyzptlk is on the scene, he transforms Jimmy into a number of the other classic transformations, too!
3) Superman stands up Lois to go on a date with Lana Lang, saying it serves her right after all her wacky plans to trick him into marriage!
4) Jimmy Olsen telling Perry White that Superman is acting like a di... with Lois interrupting him to finish the sentence as ...different person!
5) The Fortress of Solitude has one of the giant robots from a classic Fleischer cartoon in it... and yes, there's the giant golden key disguised as an aircraft marker!

If you missed this episode... it would be so worth the $.99 to buy the ep off of iTunes right now! I'd imagine there are many of us wishing that this was a pilot for a new series!


  1. That was one of the best adaptation of Superman I've outside the comics. Man, that was just pure fun. I am also hoping that was a warm-up to a series in the same style.

  2. We can hope, but somehow, I suspect it won't happen... especially since B&B itself is coming to an end.

    I'd love it if they did a DC Showcase program that could feature different characters every week, myself!


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