Thursday, March 10, 2011

By the 10s: Fantastic Four, Part 1!

Wow, can you believe I'd forgotten to include this title, probably my favorite Marvel title of all time, until now? Well, let's get right to it, then!
Here's issue #10... let's see how much I recall about these issues as they come up! In this issue, Doctor Doom has changed places with Reed, swapping bodies. Reed, in Doom's body, tries to convince the FF that he's really Reed, and eventually, Sue believes him!

Issue 20, the FF vs. the Molecule Man! I don't quite recall how they defeated him. Note that by this point, Ben's appearance has more or less stablized, although I believe inside, it took a bit longer.

Issue 30, versus Diablo! The FF are on vacation in Transylvania, lost in the woods, when they come across Diablo's castle, where the alchemist has been trapped for years! Ben helps Diablo escape, and Diablo uses his potion to make it appear he can cure Ben! Eventually, it's discovered Diablo isn't capable of it, and was just using Ben, and Diablo is sealed up again (but would escape before too long).

Issue 39 and 40! I had to give you both parts of this story. The FF have lost their powers thanks to being caught in a nuclear blast (courtesy of the Frightful Four), and Doom has taken over the Baxter Building! Reed tries to replace their lost powers with mechanical stuff, and Daredevil offers to help them retake the building! Eventually, Doom figures out the FF are powerless, but they still manage to re-enter the Baxter Building, where Reed uses his energy gun (last used on the Skrull world, to recover the FF's lost powers there) to restore their abilities (it hadn't charged up enough yet), and the Thing has an epic battle with Doom (as promised by the cover) with his anger at being transformed back again. Gee, you'd think Reed would've remembered that gadget the next time he lost his powers...

Issue 50! Galactus is defeated in part 3 of the Trilogy, and Johnny Storm heads off to college (not that that would last very long).

Issue 60, another epic battle with Doom!
Issue 70! Sue's wearing her miniskirt uniform, and I believe the robot was built by the Mad Thinker!

Issue 80, the FF vs. Toomazooma, the Living Totem! Well, they can't all be masterpieces, eh?

Issue 90, and one of the Skrull worlds has decided to model themselves after 1930s Chicago, with the addition of gladiator battles! The Thing is brought there to battle, and the next issue, he battles Torgo, a living robot!

The last of the Lee-Kirby issues in this by the 10s (and the last issue in this installment), issue 100! The FF (plus Crystal, who'd been filling in for the pregnant Sue Richards) battle pretty much everybody they battled before! I believe it was all a trick of some kind, however.

More next time!

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