Thursday, March 17, 2011

By the 10s: Fantastic Four, Part 2!

We're into the next 100 issues of the Fantastic Four, and Lee and Kirby are gone from the book! Agatha Harkness starts serving a larger role in the book, and the FF face problems they've never faced before! Above is issue 110!

Here's issue 120, introducing Gabriel, the Air-Walker, another of Galactus' heralds. Also note that the logo's been changed, although the original one would eventually return!

Issue 130, and it's the Frightful Four! I believe that Thundra was only pretending to join, as she was intending to betray them from the get-go! Also, Medusa is there, and I believe she was filling in for Sue, who'd left the group (as well as Reed).

As you can see on issue 140's cover, Annihilus is back! And the Torch's costume is now red and yellow, in imitation of the original Torch's costume! Medusa's wearing a modified version of an FF uniform, too, having been officially accepted as Sue's replacement.

Issue 150, with the wedding of Crystal and Pietro (Quicksilver)! Ultron crashes the party, too! I believe the Avengers got involved here as well.

Issue 160, and Sue's finally returned to the book, and Johnny's uniform is back to the original colors! Arkon is here, and I believe it was about this time we learned that his and Thundra's futures are mirror images of each other, with one having men dominate, and the other, women.

Issue 170! Why is Luke Cage there? Well, the Thing lost his powers for a bit, and Luke was hired as a temporary replacement!

By issue 180, not only was Thundra still hanging around, but so were Tigra the Were-Woman and the Impossible Man! This was another of the Thinker's robots, if I recall correctly.

Issue 190! Kirby was back at Marvel, contributing covers to the FF, as we get a recap of the FF's history.

Issue 200 finishes off this installment, but it also finished off a long storyline in the book! The FF have gone their separate ways, and Reed, having lost his powers, goes to work for a man that turns out to be Doctor Doom's son -- no, wait, not his son, his clone! Doom helps Reed get his powers back, because he plans to transfer the FF's powers into his clone's body! But things go wrong with this plan (as they usually do), and Doom has to slay his son/clone. The FF have their powers back, and Reed has an epic battle with Doom, which ends up with Doom unmasked in a room of mirrors that drives him insane (well, for a while, anyway, until someone else decided they wanted to use Doom in a story).

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