Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

I'm still looking at older comics ads! These are from Charlton's Blue Beetle #5!
This ad, for stuff that's common to almost all comic books, is most notable to me for the crystal wrist radio! Note that the text tells you it only receives broadcasts, but the drawings are designed to give you the impression you'll be able to communicate with them like Dick Tracy!

Last time around, I posted an ad promising to teach you auto repair at home... this time, it's a home martial arts training program! Only $2.98, sounds like a bargain, doesn't it? Apparently this was an actual form of martial arts, but I'm not sure that it could be adequately learned at home on your own!

The top ad on this page was much more of a scam, if you ask me... Way back when I was in junior high school, no doubt prompted by ads like these, I dallied with stamp collecting, purchasing a package of assorted stamps like the one advertised here. My best guess is that these stamps were purchased in bulk ultra-cheap, and then packaged up and sold to kids who thought they were going to come across some extremely valuable stamp! But you know, philately will get you nowhere!

The second ad on this page looks more interesting, providing ideas for different slot car racing tracks! I'm sure that Atlas Tool Co. Inc, publishers of the layout, also sold all the tracks you needed to make those layouts, too! Looks like these days the Atlas company just makes model railroad sets.

The next ad I'm featuring today is the one with the creepiest implications, if you ask me! Learn to hypnotize in one evening? Yeah, I'm sure that there were lots of guys sending off to this figuring that once they get some babe to go out with them on a date, they'll be able to hypnotize the babe into doing more than she bargained for -- I mean, look at the photo on the top left corner! Sure, there's the other photo of the guy promising he'll be able to teach you these techniques... and what was his name again? Oh, that's right... it's not mentioned in the ad at all! Apparently this same ad also ran in issues of Popular Science, alarmingly enough!

One last ad, because I couldn't let this one go without talking about it! Looks like an amazing deal, even for that era, doesn't it? 60 smash songs for less than three bucks? Why, the ad even tells you that's less than 5 cents per song! The only way this could possibly be a bad deal would be if it's not recordings by the original artists... and if you just look at the ad, you'll see that nowhere is it mentioned who did these recordings!

Yep, just like those K-Tel albums that were sold in the 1970s. Well, except those were recorded by a band calling themselves "The Original Artists," if I recall correctly.

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