Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

The ads in this segment of "Comic Book Advertisements" all come from Charlton's Blue Beetle Vol. 3, No. 50! And above... the first ad I'll be mocking. OK, maybe I'm too young to remember it (and believe me, at my age it's nice to be able to start a sentence out that way), but has anyone ever successfully sold shoes door to door? Because I'm thinking that the suckers who fell for this ad didn't sell many, if any!

Oddly enough, it appears that this company is still in business, although their website doesn't say anything about advertising in comics to get other people to sell their shoes door-to-door. It seems these days they're still mostly doing catalog sales, with internet sales available, too!

Next, here's a house ad for some of Charlton's Action-Heroes! Of course these days, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Sarge Steel and Son of Vulcan are owned by DC... I don't know that anyone has bothered with the Fightin' 5! Interestingly enough, the Jungle Tales of Tarzan book, which sold very well from what I've heard, was published without benefit of license from Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate, and that got shut down pretty fast!

I don't know anyone who ever sold Grit, nor did I ever become tempted to do so myself. In fact, in my entire lifetime, I've only ever seen one person sell Grit, ever! It was probably the summer or fall of 1981, and a kid was selling copies outside of a convenience store I'd stopped at. Of course, I had to buy one from him! Also on this page is that magic tricks ad we've seen before, but what I really want to point out to you is the ad for the six photos of monsters for a buck! This jumped out at me because, first of all, I am a big monster fan (as I'm sure you're all well aware of), and secondly, the word "Monsters" in that ad is taken from the logo for Charlton's own monster magazine, Horror Monsters! These same photos were offered through that magazine as well. And yes, I did notice the really bad Phantom of the Opera photo there.
Here's the ad as it appeared in Horror Monsters #10 (featured this month on one of the Wednesday monster magazine posts). Now, I may not be considered an expert on these things, but does that photo of the Phantom of the Opera look like Lon Chaney to you? I wonder if it's actually of Jimmy Cagney from his portrayal of Lon in "The Man of 1,000 Faces." If you check out the photo here, I think you'll see that's probably the case!

As you can see, the 60 hit songs for three bucks record rip-off was still going strong in this month's Charltons! But what's more important here is the offer to join the Cape Canaveral Space Wing! Yes, send your dollar in, and you'll get your charter membership, rocket badge, ID card, color photo of the astronauts, and color photo of a rocket, plus you can subscribe to the Cape Orbit, the official publication! I was able to Google no further information on this!

One last ad... man, ICS has been around forever, hasn't it? Apparently they are still going strong, and are duly accredited!


  1. I think i saw that Shoe one in an Episode of MASH ^_^

    Oh and having a dipoma, nomatter who you got it (I got mine at College) doesn't mean you get a job ¬_¬ doesn't mind anything..

  2. Well, of course it really means that you were trained at a particular institution in something specific (or non-specific, depending on your degree). Now, here in the US, degrees seem to count for a lot!


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