Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This time around, we move up to the 70s, with ads that appeared in Gold Key's Harlem Globetrotters comic book #3 (and, I'm sure, many other of Gold Key's titles)!
First up is this ad from the inside front cover. As you can see, the headlining rings in this ad are the military emblem rings. Even in the 1970s, advertisers knew that a lot of military men were still reading comic books, and they figured they'd get their money if they could! Of course, they would be happy to sell to anyone, I'd imagine, but I can't see most kids (who were likely the bulk of Gold Key's readers) ponying up $169 for a Capricorn ring back then (or even now!).

They called them "Touch-Ems," but since they were three-dimensional, I'm guessing they're basically puffy stickers! Let's see, six Disney ones, eight Looney Tunes, plus Smokey and Woody... guess the Looney Tunes characters had better marketing than Disney at the time, eh? Interesting that the Disney characters represented are Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and three of the 101 Dalmations... no Goofy or Minnie?

I've posted a Hal Roach iron-on transfer ad here before, but I think this one has some designs that weren't on the previous one!

Another one from the same issue, I've seen this ad in hundreds, if not thousands of comic books, and never sent for them myself... but I've heard that these things were downright tiny, and not very detailed... anyone out there know for sure?

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