Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool Stuff!

Well, now that we've gotten through all the classic GI Joe stuff, let's see what's up now!

OK, so this first item isn't cool so much as a curiosity! Was this the first sci-fi movie to try to get the sex factor going? Probably not...

There's definitely cooler stuff after the jump!

Yes, it's time for some Give-A-Show Projector sets! This 1961 edition would be the second set Kenner produced.

This all-Hanna-Barbera set came out in 1967, and I believe all of these slides (as well as the above '61 set) have been shown here on Give-A-Show Fridays!

1973 release! You may have already seen these, too!

Here's an oddity of sorts... this Give-A-Show-like toy features Action Man, which was the UK continuation of GI Joe after Hasbro gave up the ghost! I've yet to see this UK toy show up on eBay since this auction happened in 2008 (yes, that's where my backlog of Cool Stuff photos is at right now).

You've definitely seen this Bionic Woman set on Give-A-Show Fridays!

Here's a Chad Valley (UK) set that featured slides from their earlier Thunderbirds and Stingray sets! You've seen the Stingray slides here, but I haven't gotten to Thunderbirds yet on Give-A-Show Fridays!

Chad Valley's Jungle Book set! Haven't gotten to this one yet, either!

Here's a Chad Valley Tom and Jerry set, obviously based on the 1960s Chuck Jones-directed cartoons!

I made a conscious decision not to include the "Watch With Mother" series of Give-A-Show Projector slides, because frankly, it meant nothing to me or anyone else in the US!

Chad Valley also did this Soccer Coach set, which I also passed on!

One of the predecessors to Kenner's Give-A-Show Projector was this Disney Film Strip projector, one of those items I really should buy one of these days!

The same goes for this Donald Duck Projector!

Fortuna (also known as Stellar) was a knock-off of the Give-A-Show Projector, featuring very generic slide sets. I've got one of these sets, and haven't bid on any others because nobody wants to be bothered to list what slides are in the sets they're selling! Below is a Stellar version. You can't really tell for sure from the box what the slides featured.

They also produced this filmstrip projector, which was also known as "Show a Show," which seems to have been intended to compete with Kenner's "Screen A Show" perhaps. The film strips typically told longer stories, and some of them even featured Archie characters, no doubt without bothering to get the appropriate licensing.

Here's a spread from Kenner's 1971 catalog, when the Give-A-Show Projector was still going strong (it had a bit over 10 years left to go).

giveashow_magnaslide disney
Magna-Slide was one of the two serious competitors to the Give-A-Show Projector, because they had the Disney license! In fact, that's about the only license I can find that they had. I actually own a few of these, which seemed to be more popular in Canada than the US. Chad Valley in the UK got the Disney license there, but Kenner either couldn't get it, or didn't want it!

Here's a more recent knock-off of the Give-A-Show Projector, featuring the Mr. Men! I can't really tell you anything else about this one.

Nor can I tell you much about this Pooh Projector... there was one offered for sale on eBay in December, but I decided not to bid on it.

This was either the first or third Give-A-Show Projector set Kenner made.

It seems odd to me that Kenner had to do a special deal on some of their Star Wars Give-a-Show sets... I know that Sears had a similar special deal, but this may have been available to any retail outlet. So far as I know, the extra slides offered were offered as part of other Give-A-Show sets.

One of the last Give-A-Show sets Kenner produced was tied with the Super Powers Collection! It seems amazing to me how little Kenner did with any superheroes prior to this. In the 1960s and early 1970s, there were a few Superman slides here and there, and one set had one slide each with Aquaman, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Thor, but that was about it until this set. They even featured more Marvel characters in their See-A-Show sets (which was Kenner's version of View-Master). Even Chad Valley had them beat in the UK, producing an entire Batman set in the 1960s (although it wasn't all that great, to be honest). One of these days, I'm going to get around to producing some "fantasy boxes" showing some Give-A-Show sets I wish Kenner had gotten around to doing, and at least one of them will be a Justice League of America set!

The Talking Show Projector was basically the Give-A-Show Projector with a record player built in, and the slides came with 45 rpm records. I've got a few of these slide sets, although since I have no turntable to play the records on, I've had to find people to rip MP3s of the records for me!

Tru Vue was eventually absorbed into View-Master somehow, and they had their own slide projector to compete with Kenner. I have one set of these slides, and that's about it... I haven't seen more offered since!

Ah, this is timing of a sort... last month, you may recall seeing videos based on these slides on Give-A-Show Fridays! The Ugly Mugly Projector was Remco's entry into the market, with the Ugly Mugly first being produced as a Doctor Dolittle tie-in (with slides retelling the movie's story). This was the only other set of slides they offered, so far as I can tell!

This version of Chad Valley's Bugs Bunny set must've been a special mail order version, given the plain packaging... or else it was a replacement box! You'll note that the slides feature kind of bowed sides, as if they were to resemble a TV screen, while Kenner's slides were squared off.

OK, enough with the Give-A-Show stuff... here's a poster for Goliath and the Barbarians, just to cleanse your palate!

We'll wrap up this installment with some Green Hornet items, such as the above flicker ring that came with the Captain Action GH costume... or at least some releases of it, anyway!

Green Hornet Playing Cards!

Green Hornet Print Putty, Colorforms' version of Silly Putty!

Kenner's Stardust Paint Set with Green Hornet!

And last, but not least, is the Mattel Thingmaker Green Hornet accessory!

Next time: Hamilton Invaders and more!


  1. Jon,
    Re: "Was this the first sci-fi movie to try to get the sex factor going?"

    Well, that film is from 1976. "Invasion of the Bee Girls" was from 1973. Flesh Gordon was from 1974. So I guess not.

    Re: "here's a poster for Goliath and the Barbarians"

    "Il terrore dei barbari" (The Terror of the Barbarians) is from 1959. In the original Italian, the hero's name was Emiliano. It probably made a lot more sense than AIP's advertising slogan "I will kill 10000 barbarians...and they will call me GOLIATH". Didn't they remember who Goliath was?


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