Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Shep

shepIBreed: Elephant

Original Appearances: George of the Jungle (Jay Ward/ABC, 1967)

Other Appearances: Comic books, possibly toys and books.

Biography: Shep is George's devoted pet elephant, although George thinks that Shep is a “great big peanut-lovin' poochie.” Shep's behavior appears to support George's opinion!

Powers: None that aren't standard for any elephant of Shep's size.

Group Affiliation:

Miscellaneous: Shep was portrayed in CGI as a more realistic-looking elephant in the 1997 George of the Jungle theatrical movie, and was also featured (in altered form, as were all the other characters) in the 2007 George of the Jungle cartoon series, of which the less said, the better!

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