Sunday, March 13, 2011

Retro-Review: Glamorous Romances #48, Part 2!

The second story in this book is “They Called me a Heartless Flirt,” another uncredited story. Our tale opens up in a small town in the midwest, with Drusilla Parrish, whose father opens the biggest newspaper in town (yes, it's a small town with more than one newspaper). Because she was spoiled, Dru became a bit of a flirt. When Jerry Norwood came to town, he pursued her immediately, asking her to marry him!


Of course, all the local boys bore our heroine, so she finds Jerry exciting. So he talks her into it, and the wedding plans are underway. Dru's mother tries to talk her into getting ot know Jerry better, but no such luck. One evening, she heads to Betty Jones' house, where a party is being held in her honor. Dru never liked Betty, but she couldn't turn down an invite to a party where she is the guest of honor! She arrives a bit early, and finds the door open. Going inside, she finds Jerry and Betty in an embrace!


So, having learned the engagement is just a plot to get a job, Dru tiptoes outside, and then rings the doorbell, pretending she isn't aware of what happened inside. Betty answers the door alone (Dru figures Jerry left out the back). Dru has a terrible time at the party, with everyone telling her how lucky she is. Finally, Dru decides to leave the party. On her way out, she bumps into a stranger who makes a huge impression on her. Later, Dru decides to get her revenge on Jerry by leaving him at the altar!


Of course, being a small town, rumors start, especially after Jerry leaves town. Three months later, Dru is at a dance and runs into the handsome stranger she ran into at the bridal shower. He introduces himself as Tony Abbott, and as they dance, he tells her he has been thinking about her since that night, and decided to move to this town. The two of them become an item immediately, and in no time, Tony proposes, and she accepts, although she wants to elope. Tony objects to that.


Wedding plans proceed, and one day, as Dru's trying on her wedding gown, her mother tells her that she's learned that Jerry has committed suicide, and that Betty has been telling everyone that Jerry's been drinking himself to death trying to drown his sorrows. That evening, Tony is late picking her up, but Dru is so happy he's there she doesn't care why he's late. The two park at a scenic spot, and Dru tells Tony about Jerry, but he interrupts her, telling Dru that Jerry was his half-brother, and that he fell for Dru so hard at the party he didn't stay for the wedding, not hearing about the jilting for a week.

Dru tries to explain that Jerry didn't really love her, but Tony doesn't want to hear it. He can't forgive her for driving Jerry to drink, and planned to jilt her at the altar... but now he can't go through with it. He never wants to see her again. This, of course, breaks Dru's heart, but oddly, she decides to go on with the wedding, even knowing she'll be jilted! As the day gets closer, she makes excuses for Tony not being around – although she does send word to Tony's old address that she'll be at the church. Finally, the day arrives, and she walks down the aisle, expecting the awful experience... but this being a romance comic story, of course, Tony shows up anyway! He had found a letter written to Jerry by Betty (conveniently enough) that explained everything, but even before that, he'd decided to marry her anyway! The end.


Well, at least Dru took a bit longer to decide to marry Jerry... and then Tony... than the heroine of the previous tale, eh? Dru really deserved the heartache, given that instead of canceling the wedding with Jerry after finding out what was going on, she decided to purposely jilt him at the altar. Given that both of them would rather hurt the person they're engaged to, or even consider such a heinous action, I suppose they would actually deserve each other, eh?

Next time: “Her Way to Catch Him!”

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