Saturday, April 16, 2011

By the 10s: X-Men/Uncanny X-Men!

About time I got around to Marvel's merry mutants, isn't it? I could've sworn I'd done this one already. Anyway, here's issue 10, featuring the debut of Ka-Zar... or at least the Silver Age version of Ka-Zar!

X-Men #20, with the introduction (I believe) of Lucifer, and the first "secret origin" of Professor X (again, I believe)!

Issue #30, and the X-Men fight the Warlock! Man, that cape must've been a drag to draw for an entire issue!

Issue #40, and this may have been the first Marvel title where a hero or heroes meet the Frankenstein Monster! Although to be honest, I don't recall if this was the real Frankenstein Monster or a copy of some kind.

By issue #50, it must've looked like an entirely different book, with the new logo (virtually unchanged after this, save for adding "The Uncanny" before "X-Men") and the art of Jim Steranko (although "Sterno" would only last a handful of issues or so). Oh, and Polaris is cover-featured, but I don't know if this was her first appearance or not.

Issue #60, and it's Neal Adams art all the way! Sauron, of course, was inspired by the Lord of the Rings' character.

Between issues #60 and #70 (above), the all-new stories were cancelled, and the book survived on reprints for a while!

Covers like the one on #80 must've made some kids think it was a new story, even though it was a reprint!

Issue #90, reprinting the "Death" of Professor X... "This is for real!"?!? What an outright lie, as by this point Xavier had been revealed to be in hiding at the time, and Changeling had taken his place, and it was Changeling who died!

Obviously somewhere between issue #90 and #100, Giant-Size X-Men came out, and everything changed! Do I even need to talk much about how it changed everything (and not just in the X-Men book itself)?

Issue #110!

Issue #120, and John Byrne had taken over pencils from Dave Cockrum by this point!

Issue #130, introducing the Dazzler, who would much later get her own book, and then after that join the X-Men for a time!

Issue #140! Wolverine had, of course, encountered the Wendigo before!

And we'll end this By the 10s with issue #150, as it was just before I started buying the book for the first time (believe it or not)!


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