Friday, April 08, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Time for more comic book ads, and once again, it's time for a 16-page Kenner Fun Book, as it appeared in Gold Key titles, including Harlem Globetrotters #8!

The first toy being promoted here is "Baby Alive," which was a doll that could actually "eat"! This was another success for Kenner, and is still being made today!

Here's Gabbigale again... Kenner must've really wanted this one to sell, given its second appearance in the Fun Book!

I have no memory of these dolls (not surprisingly)... as I've noted before, my sisters were Barbie devotees! My daughter would probably love these, though (even though she's been recruited into Barbie fandom already)!

Ah, the "Phantom Strikes" Easy-Bake Oven ad! I remember seeing this one quite a bit. Kind of surprising that they'd put the Easy-Bake in here, given its popularity!

Here's that Snoopy toothbrush again!

Here's one item that I can definitely talk about! Although I don't remember ever hearing about this as a child, it's one of those items that I've got in my collection of vintage toys. You may recall the "Screen-A-Show" from last time, this uses the same basic base and screen and combined it with the basic Easy-Show Projector idea to provide yet another variation of their home movie concept! Unfortunately, there was no sound available, and honestly, the one I have doesn't generate a strong enough light to really see the images that well, even in total darkness. Perhaps if Kenner had made this in a way that had an adaptor to use their Easy-Show inserts, it would've been a bigger seller. Still, given the price difference on eBay between this and the Easy-Show items, at least this ended up being affordable for me!

After the SSP, Kenner introduced the TTP - Turbo Tower of Power! I think this was put out near the time that Idea had their Evel Knievel toy line, given the motorcycles available. This must've worked on the same principle, being able to "charge up" the friction motor in the vehicle without having to push it on the floor several times before letting go.

As you can see, Kenner kept the SSP line going, even introducing mini SSP Racers!

See-Action Football was something I do remember as a child (not that I had it). It was a clever variation on their Give-A-Show Projector toy, but turned into a game! When these show up on eBay (especially the one with O.J. Simpson on the package), they're quickly priced out of my range!

I have no memory of the PlayStone modeling set, although I'd have thought it would've greatly appealed to me!

I do remember when Chip Away added cartoon characters to the line, although I don't remember the Flintstones ones!

It's a two-fer page here, with Spirograph and a promotion for the Kenner-sponsored Classics Cartoons, which I believe were made by Hanna-Barbera.

And here's the last page of this insert, with the sweepstakes Kenner was running at the time!

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