Monday, April 18, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

After three posts of Kenner Fun Catalogs, I figure you guys are ready for something different... so this time around, it's some ads from early 1960s Charlton books! These ads appeared in Konga #6, as well as other titles, no doubt! The first ad I'm presenting is an old Johnson Smith novelties ad! There's a lot of the usual suspects there... the live chameleon, the pocket transistor radio, hypnotic whirling coin, and miniature camera! The Vacutex is kind of an oddball item, being designed to get rid of blackheads... not quite the fun kind of stuff the rest of the page offered!

Here's a couple of odd ads... at first glance, one would think that they were from different companies (Medford Products and Harrison Products), except that both have the PO Box 39, Bethpage, NY address! The bodybuilding item looks pretty crude... what is it, just a piece of metal with finger grips? I'm guessing that "giant 10-foot inflatable boa constrictor" doesn't look nearly as lifelike as they wanted you to believe, eh?

More novelties are featured here, from Honor House! notice that some items are duplicates from the Johnson Smith one... but that Cigarette Case and Lighter would definitely not fly at all these days, especially for an ad in a comic book! I've often wondered if Honor House was bought out by Johnson Smith...

And the last ad for this time around is this Best Values Co. ad, which was pretty much just offering a price guide to rare coins... although since they called it a catalog, I'd imagine they were selling some coins, too, eh?


  1. Jon,
    Re: "I've often wondered if Honor House was bought out by Johnson Smith..."

    "Amazing! Hypnotic! Order Now!

    "Novelty items from New York City were never quite as advertised
    "Last Updated: 12:44 AM, January 22, 2012
    "Posted: 11:36 PM, October 1, 2011
    "Thomas Wegman, whose late father, Edwin, ran one of the bigger companies, Honor House Products, out of warehouse in Lynbrook, LI, says it was mostly just a job to his dad.

    "The elder Wegman founded Honor House in 1951 (he had an uncle that dabbled in mail-order before him) and sold cheap goods often imported from Asia. The company lasted until the mid-1980s when the rising price of postage and comic books killed most novelty mail-order companies. (Edwin Wegman then went on to start a pharmaceutical company called BioSpecifics that operates out of the same building as the novelty business once did.)

    "A record of these wonders is collected in “Mail-Order Mysteries” by Kirk Demarais, out this month. The book reprints the vintage ads and reveals the actual toy delivered. Demarais collects the novelties, many of which are bought from eBay and, because of their disposable nature, are now rare. (He was outbid at $365 for a “U-Control 7-Foot Life-Size Ghost” — basically a trash bag on a string — that originally sold for 95 cents.)"

    And, from
    "Turns out Honor House sold to David Geller Associates many years ago. That number is (212) 455-0100.
    "Comment by BethB on December 11, 2008 at 11:33 am"
    Hope this helps!


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