Saturday, April 23, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

More early 1960s ads from Charlton this time around, these appeared in Konga #7 and other places! This ad was from the inside front cover... apparently someone figured there must've been a lot of balding men reading comic books, eh? I can't imagine seeing a Rogaine ad in current comics!

Next, it's a few Honor House items not being listed in a novelties ad like the Johnson Smith ones! Let's start at the top... that looks like a decent deal, doesn't it? $1 for a complete insect collecting kit? But really, is that stuff all to scale? Look at the size of those tweezers, and compare it to the size of the rest of the stuff! I'm pretty sure it was all cheaply made. Speaking of cheaply made, look at that 4 piece set of luggage... it would be pretty convincing that it's a good deal for $3, until you take a closer look at the photo and realize that the largest suitcase is only three times as wide as the handle! How wide is a suitcase handle, four or five inches? That means the smallest one could probably fit inside a standard lunchbox!

Hard as it may be to believe, in the early 1960s (and probably late 1950s), Charlton was doing a lot of promotion of their own items for sale! Well, I'd imagine most of them weren't made by Charlton, but rather they distributed them. I'm guessing that this wasn't too successful, as I've never seen a Charlton comic of this era with the corner cut off of it!

Finally, here's an ad from American Body Building Club, one of the many companies in the wake of Charles Atlas promising to build you up to superheroic proportions!

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  1. Gotta love it when they wanna sell kids something called the 'Killing Jar'.. oh and info for anyone, if you just stick them in a jar to die of lack of air, that is VERY Cruel.. even if they use a correct 'killing jar' which has ethyl Acetate in it, it's nasty..If you want to kill harmless creatures, either inject the ethyl acetate for a quick and painless way, OR i believe arsenic is recomended.


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