Friday, May 13, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

For a change of pace, I'm moving from ads that were in Charlton titles to some ads from Gold Key books! These in particular came from Little Monsters #34, although I'd imagine they appeared in all Gold Key titles for that month!

Most comic geeks my age tend to recall the Hostess ads with DC and Marvel characters, but it's easy to forget other characters got in the act, like Tweety and Sylvester above!

Next, a full-page ad of Hal Roach iron-on transfers! I particularly like the Hulk one, although you can't see it very well here.

Next, here's a whole page of iron-on patches! I know I've shown at least most of the superhero ones before, and if you'll recall, the Robin one features a very tiny head!

Here's even more patches!

And yet another full page of Hal Roach iron-on transfers! Groovy!

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