Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This time around, I'm looking at some ads from All For Love #1!
Wow, where to begin with this first one, for the Body Massager Co.? Given the name of the company, I'm guessing what they're selling is a vibrating massager that you were supposed to apply to wherever you wanted to lose weight the most. Amazingly, there are still gadgets of this type (although in a "girdle" form, I believe) still being sold today, even though there's no evidence that they actually work!

You can definitely tell these ads came from a romance comic, given that they're for beautifying products, eh? First there's weight loss, and now there's a pimple relief product! It sounds as though this is some kind of cream or something (perhaps a predecessor to Clearasil?).

Of course, once you've lost weight and eliminated your pimples, I suppose the next logical thing to work on would be your nails, right? I'm guessing this was some kind of acrylic that you'd paint on to thicken nails... although it does say to apply a powder with a wet brush, so I'm guessing it's some other kind of substance.

Next, might as well earn a little bit of extra money by typing, right? After all, back in the day, that's what people pretty much figured women could do in the professional workplace...

And the last ad from this issue, and it's another weight loss miracle! One can't help but think, "If these things really worked, why aren't these companies still in business today?"

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