Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Time to look at some more ads from old comics! This time around, it's ads from All-True Romance #2!
Maybe it's just me, but somehow I don't think that too many readers of romance comics were dealing with hernias...

Who the heck is Joe Bonomo? Well, according to Wikipedia, he was a strongman who won the "Mr. Modern Apollo" contest in 1921, after which he stunt doubled for Lon Chaney in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," went on to other roles, and then was poised to play Tarzan in "Tarzan the Mighty" until he injured himself before shooting. When sound came, Joe's Brooklyn accent kept him from big screen fame, whereupon he started offering his bodybuilding program via mail order!

I'm sure you can mock the "Look Here!" stuff at the top of this page for yourself... I'm going to pick on those ridiculous auto seat covers! Wow, how tacky are those? Now, I do remember that auto seat covers were still fairly popular up to the early 1980s, especially for those of us driving older cars with bench seats... and there's still a number of auto seat cover manufacturers in business today... but geez Louise, those are some horrid designs there! And $8.95 for a "portable garage" that's basically a big plastic bag? These days, I can get a tarp from Big Lots for $20 that will cover most cars, and I'd bet that's an overall savings compared to what $8.95 would buy you back then!

These are definitely different ads from last week's entries, eh? Let's start at the top... I've written here before about the idea that comic book readers were somehow seen as good targets for stamp collecting, but did I really get much into these offers for stamps that are supposed to be worth much more than you paid for them? My theory is that some company managed to get a lot of stamps cheap (probably many from other countries) and then hired people (likely housewives looking for extra money) to sort these things into separate envelopes to fulfill the orders. And as far as that book for asthma sufferers? Here's all you really need to know if you have asthma -- follow your doctor's instructions. If he prescribes you something for it, use it as directed, and avoid situations you're told to avoid!

Now, this is much more in line for what one expects from an ad in a romance comic, eh? Why do I think that perhaps these were pretty shoddy dresses, made with subpar material? Or maybe they were items considered to be out of style? Has anyone ever done one of these kind of selling things and made decent money at it?

And finally, here's this ad for stuff that reshapes women's bodies to achieve results that one should really get from diet and exercise. I wonder how many men fell for women who used this, only to find that on their wedding night what kind of figure their new wife really had?


  1. okay.. i just wanna focus on that body building one..

    Tom is in pretty good shape with ginger hair but he isn't a big bruiser that wants to hit first and then ask questions.. in other words.. he is a nice guy.. Because of him being a nice guy, he can't get the supervisors job.. Cause Supervisors need to beat the hell out of the staff else they aren't any good.. the girl, Betty, only likes guys that can beat up other guys.. Tom is depressed (now with black hair) so he talks to Sam.. Sam tel him to get a home mini-gym.. 2 Months later, Sam is beating up people who make a comment to him.. Betty thinks Sam is wonderful now.. Because he can beat up the staff now, the boss gives him the supervisors job which he hasn't been able to fill in the last two months..

    Moral of the story... Tom is a nasty git i wouldn't want to get within half a mile of and will probably end up in prison due to GBH and probably drug use. Betty will find someone stronger and leave Tom, but due to her only going for muscle men, she will end up being beaten quite a bit. Tom will want revenge and will beat up the new husband (probably Sam.. just for the sake of things, who is trying to pretend he isn't Gay, despite reading romance comics and watching his 'friend' half nude going body building exercises) and probably kill Betty too before getting depressed and ending up dead in a pool of drugs and drink..

    find a rhyme for 'Mini-gym Coupon' and i think you got a smash hit romance musical there.

  2. Wow, Manic Man... I thought I overthink things sometimes... I bow to the master!


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