Friday, May 06, 2011

Cool Stuff: More Marvel Stuff!

Oh, Spider Dart Set, how do you fail? Let me could the ways... 1) Spider-Man has nothing to do with dart guns; 2) There's not even a Spidey logo on the gun, making it obviously a repurposed toy in order to take advantage of a license without spending much extra money; 3) The Spider-Man image on the target is completely obscured by the gun; 4) The target features superheroes, not supervillains! Why would you want to shoot the heroes? 5) There's a LOT of wasted space on that card where they could easily have plugged in some extra clip art from the licensing library.

Hopefully the rest of this installment's stuff has less fail!

Well, this poster is all win, so far as I'm concerned! This promoted a then-current Icee promotion (apparently 7-Eleven wasn't doing superhero Slurpee cups by this point).

I must say, I love it when an eBay seller takes the extra step to provide a complete photo of the product they're selling! As goofy as the molds for this Pla-Doh set might look, it's a great toy for the kiddies who weren't old enough for cooler superhero toys yet!

here's one of those items that I keep hoping I'll find that someone who owns them decided to scan them all and post high-res photos on the 'net so we can print 'em out and make our own standees!

Here's the Sub-Mariner piece of those weird soccer-playing superhero standees from Argentina!

Subby Marvelmania plastic inflatable pillow! Not quite as cool as the others that came out at this time...

Ah, this Sub-Mariner logo patch, what a way to find out how many of your friends were pronouncing it "Sub-Mah-REE-ner"!

Gulliver South America Namor figure... too bad the color of the plastic makes it look more like Triton rather than Subby!

This has to be the rarest item in today's post... the point of purchase display for "The Superhero Women"! Looks like it's in excellent shape, too!

I'd guess that these Superheroes Super Puzzles are just a little less rare than the POP display!

Gulliver South America Silver Surfer figure!

These Glowing Heroes flashlights continually puzzle me... I mean, it's obvious the manufacturer had access to the licensing art, as you can see from the card... so why did they have the art badly redrawn for the flashlight itself?

Secret Wars Two-Pack! I can imagine that in the Toy Story world, while this was on the shelves, the following conversation took place:

DOOM: Once we are freed from these forcefield-like prisons, I shall at last have my revenge on the hated Fantastic Four!

CAP: Never, Doom! Besides, they didn't even make any Fantastic Four members in this toy line. You'll have to have revenge on me, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Iceman, the Falcon, and Daredevil!

DOOM: Wait, what??? Iceman, the Falcon, and Daredevil weren't even in "Secret Wars"!

CAP: Don't ask me why they're in the line... I would've thought they'd have included the Hulk, too... I mean, it wasn't like his TV show had been off the air for that long.

DOOM: Doom does not understand these miscreant toy manufacturers one bit. You star-spangled simpleton, you should have been packaged with that whelp Zemo!

CAP: No kidding. I don't even have my right shield. But I guess other than that, at least my costume's better than my Mego counterpart... oh, that's right, they didn't make a Doom Mego, did they?

DOOM: Curse you!

Speaking of Cap, here's a goofy-looking Captain America 3-D Secret Wars puzzle that looks like it wouldn't have challenged my daughter when she was 2!

Apparently nobody knew that Cap and Doom weren't a good pairing, because here they are again on this Gumball Machine from the Secret Wars line!

Secret Wars Doom Copter! Man, that has to have been repurposed from another toy line...

The Doom Roller looks pretty goofy unless you take it out of that huge wheel, doesn't it?

Speaking of goofy, check out this Kang Buddy L Secret Wars vehicle! That has to be another extremely rare item!

Buddy L was just phoning it in at this point, I fear... Take the stickers off and they could've been just regular Buddy L vehicles!

Yes, there was a Secret Wars patch... and here it is!

I'd forgotten I had so much Secret Wars stuff in this volume, like that SW party plate!

Secret Wars Presto-Magix set!

Secret Wars Puffy Stickers and Album!

Hey Kids, watch Spider-Man spin around on his butt while you gobble down gumballs to reveal a picture of Doc Ock (who is, at least, a Spidey villain) and overdose on sugar!

I'm not even sure what to make of this Battle Twisters Secret Wars game...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Mattel later use most of the Tower of Doom for another toy line, perhaps Masters of the Universe?

This Secret Wars Turbo Copter wraps up the SW stuff!

And we'll finish off this current group of Marvel items next time!

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