Sunday, May 15, 2011

Retro-Review: Startling Comics #10, Part 4!

Next, we have an Ace Buckley tale, art by Max Plaisted, which was Ace's last appearance. Ace is a time traveler, and he and his partner, Toni Stark (yes, really!). Ace and Toni arrive in 1824 to meet Simon Bolivar, the liberator of South America.


Ace and Toni soon encounter a Spanish sentry, who starts shooting at them. Soon, a whole platoon of Spanish soldiers converge, while Toni trips on a rock and falls. Ace is able to hold off the soldiers with his bare hands, but decides to give up. When brought to the Spanish commander, Ace claims they're neutrals, sent by President Monroe on a trading expedition, but the commander doesn't buy it. When the soldiers search Ace and Toni, they discover Ace's driver's license, which they believe is a code message to Bolivar. The commander orders them executed immediately! Before they can be shot, Ace pulls a stunt that allows them to escape, diving off a cliff!


They make their way to Bolivar, and is recruited to serve as a commander. Ace helps advise Bolivar, and thus makes sure that history happens the way they expect it to. Ace tells Toni that they need to make sure that things happen because this is 1824, and all that history hasn't happened yet! So, leaving the camp, Ace and Toni head back to the time machine, fly to the battlefield, and then plant mines in the battlefield. Of course, thanks to Ace's efforts (and anachronistic technology), history happens the way it's supposed to... I suppose!


OK, after reading that, I know what I'll show anyone who wants to complain about the historical inaccuracies in “Peabody's Improbable History”! Sheesh...

According to the Grand Comics Database, there were supposed to be other features in this book: Biff Powers, Big Game Hunter, art by August Froehlich; A one-page text story, “The Half Pint,” credited to Charles S. Strong; Detective Sgt. Burke, in a tale that was possibly drawn and inked by Kin Platt; another text page, “Lucy's Knitting,” by Kelvin McKay; G-Man Dalton, with art by Leo Morey; and a page and a half results from contest number 7. Unfortunately, I'm doing this review from an eBook from Wowio, and none of those latter features were included!

Next time: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #4!

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