Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool Stuff: Spider-Man Stuff!

First up in this installment of Cool Stuff is this pair of Spider-Man walkie talkies from 1978! Now, Spidey Walkie Talkies are cool, right? But what's with the hand on this? Is Spidey supposed to be stroking his chin or something?

1979 Spidey belt buckle! I wish I had a better photo of this... heck, a better photo of one in better condition!

1979 Cracker Jack stickers!

1970s Spidey Action Box! I guess when you spin the wheel, the Spidey figure moves around... I can't imagine this being something anyone with any kind of boredom threshold would find amusing for too long, you know?

It's been noted before that whatever AHI made for Batman, they also made for Spider-Man... also noted is that if Spidey really has all this stuff, no wonder Peter Parker's always broke!

AHI Spider-Man Little Zips buggy!

I'm not sure if this dune buggy is the same as the packaged item above... at least it vaguely resembles the comics' Spider-Mobile!

With the AHI Spidey Jr. Speedboat, things are definitely getting weird...

...but I think the most out there of the AHI Spidey vehicles has to be this rocket!

AHI Spidey Saucer Gun... yeah, pretty much every AHI license had one of these... Batman, Star Trek, Space: 1999... come to think of it, I'm not sure they did monster or Planet of the Apes saucer guns!

AHI's Super Snooper listening device seems more like a Batman item than a Spidey one, doesn't it? Yet I don't believe they did a Batman one.

Here's the larger Spidey Speedboat AHI sold!

AHI Spidey Spin-Out Car!

This bizarre looking figure was a "Rocket Figure" apparently made in Argentina, and it looks like they just made a new mold from an AHI Spidey parachutist and added the base!

Spidey bagatelle game!

This Spidey ball darts game is one of the few items that also had an Electric Company logo -- you'll recall that for a season or two, the Electric Company had Spider-Man segments, right?

Spidey Bank!

Ben Cooper Spidey Playsuit -- which looks for all the world like their Halloween costume in a non-seasonal package!

Spidey binocular set... yeah, this licensor just stuck stickers on stuff they already made!

I'd imagine this set of Spidey Binoculars were at least marginally better than the carded ones above!

Spidey Big Little Book original art!

Spidey Bubbaloons!

Spidey Bubble Blower! Well, Peter Parker did ride a motorcycle for a while in the comics...

Spidey Beach Bucket with sloppy sticker positioning!

Buddy L Electronic Spider-Bike!

And we'll finish off this installment with these views of the Captain Action flicker ring that came with the Spidey costume!

Naturally, there'll be more Spidey items next time around!


  1. In retrospect, someone at Marvel ought to have said "None of our existing lead characters is as toy line friendly as Batman, not even Iron Man. We need a new superhero with his own car and boat and plane and helicopter and guns just so we can license the cheap merchandise! And no, Deathlok is probably not a good candidate..."

  2. stuff retrospect, look at some of the bad stuff Marvel are coming out with now? No 'movie' is complete without 'bad mask and big bad hands' toy, characters on vechices that look like old AHI or Marx molds etc.. Cheap but they normally sell them for more.. but a year or two down the line, the cheap shops get them.

    and personally, what i have seen of the Electric company Spider-man.. i like.. Sure, tonned down a bit too much for younger kids then the comic (which is a teen/all age comic at the time) but it works well.

  3. Richard - Well, I'd agree with you in principle... although one could argue that Captain America would work well for some of the stuff... Maybe they should've just done an Avengers-themed line, and used appropriate characters for various items... i.e., Captain America for the motorcycle toy, and so forth?

    Manic Man -- I know what you're talking about, but the kids want them (which I suppose was the same back in the 60s and 70s when this stuff came out)!


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