Thursday, June 23, 2011

Retro-Review: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #4, Part 4!

This untitled tale (apparently about Sheena battling a lion, given the splash) begins with Sheena and Bob hearing a horrible scream!

The two swing on vines through the jungle, where they find a small boy backed up into a tree by a lion and his mate. Sheena quickly dispatches the male with her dagger, but when Bob goes to shoot the female, he discovers he's lost his gun! The boy finds it, and successfully shoots the lion, saving Bob. After introductions, they learn the boy is Tommy Marster, who'd come here with his father, George. Their plane was forced down, and Tommy wandered off. When he returned to the plane, nobody was there. The box Tommy's carrying belongs to his dad. When Bob asks what's in the box, Tommy says it's full of papers, possibly maps for an ancient city his father, who works for a museum, was trying to find. Bob takes the boy on foot to Sheena's camp, while Sheena swings away on a vine. At the camp, the two start to teach Tommy survival skills in the jungle.


As they are eating their next meal, a rustling is heard, and they spot a group of zebras grazing as well as a leopard about to attack! Sheena quickly jumps on one of the zebras, and uses it to get in the path of the panther! Sheena starts to fight the leopard, but Bob actually kills the beast with his gun (I wonder where he gets all the ammunition he uses? They never go shopping). Then, Tommy captures the zebra with a vine lasso, intending to tame him and learn to ride. He also asks if the leopard's skin can be used for a new suit. Soon, the boy is all dressed up like a little Korak (that's Tarzan's son, in case you weren't aware).


It isn't long before Tommy's riding the zebra like a pro! Suddenly, a gorilla jumps down and grabs Bob, throwing him against a tree trunk. Sheena seeks to avenge the apparent death of her mate, but the gorilla grabs Sheena's wrist, causing her to drop the dagger! The gorilla then proceeds to carry Sheena into the trees, but Tommy's returned from his ride just in time to see it! Meanwhile, in another part of the jungle, Chief Rago is telling a man named Barton where he saw Marster's plane land (well, Rago calls it a “great thunder bird”), and that he saw Marster's son leave with a box, then Marster leaving in the plane. Barton pays Rago for the info, and says there'll be more if Rago can bring him the box!


Barton wants to find the boy before Marster does, because he figures the maps in the box will lead him to treasure! It doesn't take long for Rago's tribe to find the trail. Meanwhile, Tommy shoots the gorilla carrying Sheena with his bow and arrow! Amazing how this kid, who's been in the jungle for about a day, has already managed to save both Bob and Sheena... whose book is this, anyway? Sheena learns that Bob was just knocked out. Meanwhile, Rago's tribe comes upon Tommy, and they attack! Sheena's grabbed quickly, as is Bob... but when they try to grab Tommy, he puts up more of a fight! They still grab him, and find the box. Sheena and Bob are tied to a try by the river, but Tommy manages to kick Sheena's knife toward her. After the natives move into the jungle, Sheena grabs the knife with her feet and cuts herself loose, which sends Bob plunging into the river, which is infested with crocodiles! As if that isn't bad enough, a black panther approaches, intending to kill Sheena!


Sheena hurls herself into the water just in time to avoid the panther, and swims furiously towards Bob to save him from a crocodile. She kills the croc, but as Bob gets to shore, he's attacked by the panther! Sheena quickly throws her dagger at the panther, embedding it in the panther's throat! Bob finds his gun in the brush, and the two go off to find Tommy. When they find the natives dragging Tommy along, Sheena attacks! Between Sheena and Bob, they rescue Tommy, and return the box to him. The tribesmen are told to leave (and you'll recall how that tends to work out for them). Suddenly, Tommy spots his dad's plane flying overhead! Sheena decides to return Tommy to where they found him. Meanwhile, at the native village, Barton learns that the boy got away, and then hears the plane approaching! He decides that will attack!


Soon, Barton and the natives come upon the plane, which has landed, and they attack! But Sheena, Bob and Tommy arrive, and the three of them are too much for the villains! Tommy's reunited wth his father, and the two fly away, with Barton brought by Sheena and Bob to the district commissioner to answer for his crimes!


Honestly, I don't know what the writer was thinking with this story... Tommy's all too ready to go native, and learns jungle skills way too fast! I was half-expecting it to turn out that Tommy was really a midget, given his skill with Bob's gun. It's a good thing Tommy was around, considering how often he saved Sheena and Bob! Also odd is the fact that his father never comments on the leopard skin clothes Tommy is wearing!

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