Thursday, July 07, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

This installment of Comic Book Advertisements features ads from Beware! #2!
And of course, we've got one of those perennial skin care ads that promises a miracle method to get rid of blemishes and zits (not that they called pimples "zits" back then). I can't say that the artwork on this ad makes it appear too appealing, eh?

Been a while since I posted an ad that promised to train you at home for a new job, hasn't it? Well, from Commercial Trades Institute, here's an ad that tells you how to build and repair television sets! I can't imagine a similar kind of home training thing for modern TVs, can you?

Ah, two perennials from childhood... walkie-talkies and binoculars. How many of us had walkie-talkies as kids, and used to pretend we were secret agents? Well, actually, that's not what I used my Radio Shack Walkie Talkie set for... come to think of it, I mostly used it with a friend of mine as we were running around the woods back of the local high school, at least until one day when the antenna broke on one of them. Can't say I ever had binoculars as a kid -- at least, not real ones. Sure, they were promoted as a way to see birds or distant landscapes clearly as if you were right there... but we all know that most kids who got them wanted to use them to spy on people!

Finally, here's one of the classic Charles Atlas ads!

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