Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Cool Stuff: Yet More Spidey Stuff!

This edition of Cool Stuff begins with this Spider-Man Lite Writer produced by Larami! I can't say I quite get the appeal of a pen with a built-in light, but someone must've liked it!

From 1979, here's the Magic-Catch game featuring Spider-Man! I guess the idea was to produce a variation on the "safe ball darts" thing...

From the "Weird toy ideas featuring a superhero" file, here's a Spidey Magnifying Glass! What I find most amusing is how the card art was deliberately designed to fool the buyer into thinking this magnifying glass made things HUGE!

I remember seeing this Spidey "mechanical arm" in the stores when it came out... and I still don't quite get why someone thought this was a good Spider-Man item. Maybe if they'd sold it as a Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic "stretched arm" kind of thing, it would've worked for me!

A mini-gallery of Mexican bootleg Spidey merchandise! I have to laugh at the stickers for the parachuting Spidey, myself!

Here's two different Spidey mirrors from the 1970s, the later from 1978! Now, the first of these is obviously functional... but the second? Has to be purely decorative... and that's assuming it was actually a manufactured item, and not just how someone decorated their own personal mirror (perhaps using some of the stickers produced in that era).

Combine the 1970s popularity of Spider-Man as well as the popularity of CB Radio, and here's what you get! I kind of have my doubts it worked all that well, myself...

This mug-bowl-placemat gift set that you could color and re-color is the first of today's Spider-Man items that I think is seriously cool, and would have loved to have had... even if they felt Spidey couldn't carry it all himself, and had to add Captain America and the Hulk to some of the stuff!

Spidey Necklace!

This Spidey origin poster from 1980 was part of a series that I think may have been a fast food tie-in, but I can't say for sure!

Yes, that's a Spider-Man paddle ball set... worthy of inclusion here just because of the silliness of the altered stat art of Spidey and the Hulk to make it appear they were playing it!

A trio of Spidey patches, the latter from 1979!

Pencil by numbers instead of paint by numbers? How did I not see this when it came out?


Spidey Projector Gun! I kind of wish I could get one of these to see how well it projected...

That's one HUGE Spidey puffy sticker!

A nice gallery of original art for some Spider-Man puzzles! Anyone want to hazard a guess as to the artists? I believe Joe Sinnott produced some of these.

Spidey Figural Head Radio!

My son Tristan would LOVE to have these items in his back-to-school supplies!

He'd love these shoelaces on his sneakers, too!

We'll finish off the Spidey stuff next time, and probably get a few other items in, too!


  1. Great post. When I worked as a paper boy the newspaper would hold all kinds of give-a-ways for us to increase customers. I worked so hard to get 10 additional customers so I could get 20 dollars and that spiderman mirror you showed on the right. It was the mirror I had in my room for more than 20 years after that until it fell and broke not only the mirror but my heard as well. Thanks for the good memory.

  2. Is that mirror in your own collection or did you just find the image elsewhere. If you do have that mirror I wonder if you would like to sell it.


  3. GREAT stuff! I'm a lover of patches and the poster is a treasure!

  4. I'd like that mechanical arm to reach things on the top shelves in my kitchen! Sure, I could get a regular reacher, but who else has a Spider Man one??

  5. Kal - Glad you enjoyed the photos! Sadly, I don't have the mirror, just found the image on eBay, which is where I'd recommend looking for it!

    Super-Duper ToyBox - Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Pile Girl - See my comment to Kal regarding where you might find one!


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