Friday, November 04, 2011

Toy of the Week #10: AHI Batcycles!

One of the things that AHI did very well with Batman was to produce some excellent Batcycle toys, and there was a pretty decent variety of them, too! Above, you see a Batcycle that's sort of like Kenner's SSP toys, in which you'd insert a zip cord, then pull it to get the gyroscopic wheel spinning, and then let it go!

This "Zoomcycle" was another variation it seems, save that this one used a battery-powered gadget to impart the speed into the gyro!

Here's their remote-controlled Batcycle, and you can see that the Batman figure doesn't look real great, but I doubt the kids complained much! Below is what the cycle looked like without the Batman figure (and I think another piece or two is missing as well):

This one I could've sworn I had a photo of on the card, it's the Batman Stunt Cycle, which used a friction motor process. They also did some of these with the Batman villains, like the Joker:

The last of the AHI Batcycles we're looking at is the "Lil Zips" version, easily the smallest Batcycle AHI made, and as you can see from the card, it's a pull back and let go motored version.

One of the problems with trying to find these toys on eBay is that not every seller lists them as being AHI Batcycles... and some will say "Batcycle" and some will say "Batman Motorcycle." But to help you try to find them, here's a one search you could try, and here's another. Both of those searches will give you results that aren't AHI Batcycles, but if they're being offered currently, one of those will do it!

So... which of these are your favorite?

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