Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Announcing the NEW Random Acts of Geekery Line-Up!

So, starting tomorrow, we're back to somewhat of a normal publishing schedule, after a summer of Reduced Content Mode! Now, I should start off by mentioning that there are some features that you've been accustomed to seeing that aren't going to be on this list... but never fear! I'm trying to ramp up slowly, that's all! For the month of September, there will be two posts per day, as you'll read below! Then in October, there'll be the Halloween Countdown, with additional monsterrific content on days that I don't already have something going on that's Halloween-themed! After a break of regularly-scheduled stuff in November, December will bring the annual Christmas Comics Countdown! Then, in January, the new Rotating Features will begin! So without further ado, follow the jump to see what's going on!

Joining long-time regular feature Puzzle Sunday (which has been all you've seen on Sundays these past three months) will be Fandom Library, moving from its former Friday slot! I figure those of you reading this daily deserve something to really sink your teeth into on Sundays!

It should come as no surprise that Monster Mondays will be continuing on this day of the week (at least so long as I have material to use). Joining Monster Mondays will be Dog of the Geek, which moves from Tuesdays!

Tuesday will be the new day of the week to look for Children's Book Theatre installments! Formerly, this was one of the rotating features that appeared irregularlly, but I figure it's time to give it a set day to appear! Joining this feature will be the first of the NEW features I'm adding weekly, "Kirby Kovers," which will feature a gallery of covers drawn by none other than Jack Kirby!

The regular Wednesday feature of Monster Magazines and Books will be joined by Comic Book Ads, now on a set day of the week!

Thursdays will feature Cool Stuff (and if I get to the point where I run out of Monster Mondays posts, I'll add Cool Stuff to Mondays as well), and that will be joined by another NEW feature, "The Indexible Hulk," in which I'll attempt to track the Incredible Hulk's first 20 years or so, with some snarky comments here and there along the way, brief plot summaries, and so forth! I'm hoping to keep it more or less chronological, and include Greenskin's guest appearances as well!

Joining Give-A-Show Fridays will be another NEW feature, making it sort of an all-toy day, with "Toy of the Week!" Basically, I'll be presenting a classic toy of days gone by, and talk about it! There won't be any goofy rack toys here, just the best of the best! Sometimes I'll be writing about toys I own now, sometimes it'll be toys I used to own, and sometimes it'll be toys that I've never had! If I can talk anyone into it, I may even have some guest posts for this feature, too! I'll give you fair warning, however... I am just obsessive enough that instead of featuring an entire action figure line (for example, Mego's World's Greatest Super-Heroes), I'll give each figure its own post!

Saturdays will feature TWO NEW features here on the Random Acts of Geekery! First off, there'll be "Geek TV," in which I'll write about various television shows that I believe have geek appeal (or should have geek appeal)... and they won't necessarily just be shows based on comics or sci-fi stuff, either! This feature will sort of take the place of the old Movie of the Week feature! Joining this will be "Old Cartoons" (I really need a better title for this), which will replace the old "Random Videos of Geekery" feature. Each week, I'll be going through my well-read copy of Leonard Maltin's "Of Mice and Magic" and trying to find some of the cartoons featured there on YouTube, and post those videos here! Hopefully, the ones that Maltin was most enthusiastic about will be available!

And that's it for the regular weekly features! As I said before, there'll be some rotating features starting up in December!


  1. Wow. I bow to you! That is quite a lineup!

  2. Thanks! I hope the new features are interesting for my readers, and that the returning features are welcomed! Some features that had been appearing but seem to have stopped may be restarting in January!


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