Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dog of the Geek: Underdog!

UnderdogBreed: Generic

Original Appearances: The Underdog Show (Total Television, 1964-1973)

Other Appearances:
Comic books from Charlton and Gold Key, among other publishers. A number of Underdog toys and books have also been produced.

Biography: Nobody has any idea that the humble and loveable Shoeshine Boy, when there's a cry for help, becomes the amazing Underdog! Underdog's powers came from his Underdog Energy Vitamin Pill, which he'd always keep an extra on hand in his hollow ring. Underdog would always speak in rhyme while saving Sweet Polly Purebred and the world from the machinations of Simon Bar Sinister, Riff Raff, Overcat, Battyman, and other criminals.

Powers: Underdog's main powers are flight, super-strength, and near-invulnerability, but he has also demonstrated X-ray vision, super breath, cosmic ray vision, atomic breath, atomizing eyes, ultrasonic hearing, and great calculating brain.

Group Affiliation:

Miscellaneous: Voiced by Wally Cox, Underdog was a classic television cartoon that was later remade into a live-action movie, the less said about the better.

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